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5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

Roofs are some of the most durable parts of your property. However, extreme weather, heat, or debris can cause damage to even the strongest roof.

If you see a leak in your roof, you should call your local roofing company in Portland, OR, immediately. Roof leaks can quickly cause severe damage to your home and need fixing as quickly as possible.

There are five key ways to spot a roof leak before it becomes a significant problem. Roofers in Portland can survey your roof for you, but it’s essential to look out for these issues at all times.

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1. Missing Granules

Windstorms are common across Oregon, so roofers in Portland are used to dealing with missing granules due to debris or wind. With winds in Oregon recorded at over 145mph, it’s likely that you may experience an issue with missing granules.

You must call your local roofing contractors in Portland, OR. Missing granules may appear minor, but a gap in the exterior protection can increase the decay of the rest of the roofing. Portland roofing companies can quickly replace the granules and prevent the issue from worsening.

2. Spots on Exterior Walls

If you notice water marks where your walls meet your roof, immediately contact a roofing company in Portland, OR. This is one of the surest signs that your roof is not functioning correctly and has a leak.

To prevent this, you should regularly look for water under your roofline. If you think there may be a leak, contact Portland roofers for a professional survey.

3. Water Stains

There’s no surer sign of a roof leak than water damage in your house. If you have a gap in the shingle or coating on your roof, water can permeate and damage your interior.

If you notice stains from water, contact roofing contractors in Portland, OR, to check your roof. An estimated 40% of all building issues are due to water intrusion, so it’s crucial you know the signs of a leak. If water is getting into your property through the roof, roof repair in Portland is likely needed.

4. Roof Rot

When your roof’s water mat absorbs water, it can lead to roof rot. It can then destroy shingles made from organic materials, such as wood.

If you notice crumbling or holes in your roofing that don’t appear to come from debris or direct damage, it may be rot. Roofing contractors in Portland, OR can check for you.

5. Shingle Curling

Shingles can curl or warp if hot air or water absorption gets trapped in the attic or top of your home. It will make them less effective at preventing leaks.

Oregon’s weather is becoming more extreme, with the city recording its hottest day on record on 26th June 2021. If you notice curling shingles, contact Portland roofing contractors. Portland roofers can not just repair the shingle but also help to fix the problem causing it.

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Call Portland Roofing Contractors For Help

If you need roof repair in Portland, OR, pick a company you can trust. Although many of the Portland roofing issues mentioned may seem minor, they can quickly escalate and cause severe damage to your home.

A roofing company in Portland also can regular inspections to prevent leaks. Call today if you need help with leaks.