4 Tips When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Portland, OR

Taking care of your Portland roofing is an essential part of household maintenance, but homeowners often overlook it.

Unfortunately, not all Portland roofing businesses out there are reputable. If you don’t look carefully, you could end up with someone unreliable or who has a poor level of workmanship.

Here are some top tips on hiring a roofing contractor in Portland, OR. Follow these to ensure you get the right quality of service every time.

1. Check for Insurance

It’s crucial to make sure a roofing company in Portland, OR, is insured before you sign any contract or hand over any money for work on your roofing. That’s because you could end up being liable if any unexpected problems or accidents occur while you’re having your roof repaired.

Always ask the roofing business you’re working with to provide you with details about their insurance policy, so you can make sure they’re covered for any eventually.

2. Check BBB Ratings

The BBB or Better Business Bureau is a nationwide index of businesses that provides you with helpful information about different roofing contractors in Portland, OR, and how they operate.

Always check that the roofing company you’re hiring has appropriate BBB accreditation and that the information on the BBB website is consistent with the information the company has provided you with.

3. Search Locally 

It’s often better to find local Portland roofing contractors instead of looking for familiar nationwide brands. A local roofing company in Portland will have a greater familiarity with the roofing in your area and is likely to be better at diagnosing the right solution for roof repair in Portland.

Conduct an online search for Portland roofers in your area and use the map tool to find the ones nearest to you. The nearest one may not be the best one — but it’s advisable to find someone who is a short drive away from you, so you can get in touch if anything goes wrong.

4. Check with Friends and Neighbors

It can be tempting to read a handful of online reviews for a roofing company in Portland and assume that this makes them a reputable business. However, it’s impossible to tell who wrote these reviews and whether they are genuine.

To assess the reputation of roofers in Portland, it’s best to check with your friends and neighbors. Ask them questions like, did they have a pleasant experience? Were the roofers in Portland timely and efficient? Did they have to pay the same amount as the initial quote? If the answer to any of these is ‘no,’ this is a definite red flag.

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Finding the Right Contractors 

Remember, when you’re looking for roof repair in Portland, OR, the two most important factors are experience and trust. 

Make sure that the Portland roofers you hire have both the necessary experience dealing with roofing types in your area and that you have good reason to trust them, including appropriate insurance, BBB accreditation, and good testimony from friends and neighbors.