Are you in the market for a new roof or considering replacing your current one?

When installed correctly by expert roofing contractors in Portland, a new roof both protects your home and enhances its curb appeal and value. Choosing the right type of roof for your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be when you understand the benefits and drawbacks of various types of roofs installed by Portland roofers.

As trusted roofers in Portland with years of experience, we want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Let’s dive in and explore the unique features, benefits, and drawbacks of three particular roofing setups!


Bonnet roofs, also known as “double-pitched” or “hood roofs,” are a style of roof that slopes downward on all sides, with the lower slope appearing steeper than the upper slope. The result is a distinctive shape that resembles a bonnet or hood, hence the name.

With Portland’s notoriously wet winters, bonnet roofing is one of the most common installations done by roofers in Portland. It provides excellent protection from the elements due to its steep pitch.

Moreover, the upper slope of the roof acts as a vent, allowing hot air to escape and fresh air to circulate through your home, making it excellent for ventilation and energy-saving purposes.

Due to their complex design, bonnet roofs can be more expensive to build and maintain than other types of roofs. Furthermore, the steep pitch of the lower slope can make it difficult for Portland roofing contractors to access for maintenance or repairs.


Flat roofs are a sleek and modern roofing option that has become increasingly requested for installation by expert roofing companies in Portland. As the name suggests, they are designed with a minimal pitch, resulting in a nearly level surface.

One unique feature of flat roofing is its versatility. Roofing contractors in Portland can adapt them to fit various building styles, from commercial to residential, and provide ample space for rooftop amenities such as gardens, patios, or solar panels.

While they are less expensive to build and maintain by trusted roofing companies in Portland, flat roofs may require more frequent maintenance and upkeep to prevent leaks and other related issues.


Gable roofs are a classic, timeless roofing option with two sloping sides that join at the top to form a peak or ridge. They’re a popular choice for residential and commercial Portland roofers.

Gable roofs are great for homeowners who want a sizable attic space for storage or an extra room. They can also withstand harsh weather conditions – a big plus for Portland.

A common concern with gable roofing is its susceptibility to wind damage, particularly in areas with high winds. They may not be as energy-efficient as other roofing options, such as flat roofs, sold by Portland roofing contractors.

Wrap Up

From bonnet roofs to gable roofs, there is no bad roofing choice homeowners can make when it comes to renovating or replacing their current setups. If you have any questions about which roof style is right for you, reach out to us at KVN Construction today!