Skylights allow homeowners to enjoy a view of the sun during the day and the stars at night. The best way to take advantage of these perks is to keep your skylight in shape. Your current skylight might be due for an upgrade if you have noticed any damage or weathering to its surface. 

Our guide will walk you through the signs that your skylight needs a replacement and a few of your options. If you decide you’re ready, contact your local roofing contractors in Portland, OR to get started on your skylight replacement.  

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Skylight

The four signs below indicate it’s time for you to contct Portland roofers for a replacement. 

Roof Replacement 

Replacing your roof allows you to replace your skylight at the same time. This decision will be more cost-effective than installing them separately.

A simultaneous replacement will prevent any leaks or damage from developing because of the age difference of the surfaces. 

Cracked Glass

Unfixed cracked glass can cause extensive damage to your home, including leaks. A leak can create water damage that leads to mold growth on the interior walls.

Cracks can form after a storm if heavy debris falls onto the glass, rapid temperature changes, or old age. 

Covered Weep Holes

Weep holes are small holes in the pyramid skylight that prevent condensation from leaking into your home. When these holes are blocked, they can’t collect the water. The excess condensation in your home will cause water damage. 

Rusted Metal 

The metal around the edges of the fixtures will corrode over time. A rusty brown color is an indication the metal needs to be replaced. Corroded metal will weaken the structure of the frame, causing damage to your roof. 

Make an appointment with roof repair in Portland, OR to replace your weathered skylight. 

Types of Skylights

The style of your roof will determine the best skylight option for your home. Portland roofing can recommend which design to consider if you need help deciding which option is best for your replacement. 

Below are the two main options recommended by roofers in Portland. 


The pyramid skylight system is a traditional style, perfect for flat roofs. The pyramids come in a variety of slope and pitch styles to match the diversity of roof sizes. When covering a rectangular opening, they can also be referred to as a Double-Hip. They can be installed with a ventilation system to maximize airflow.


The Velux skylight system comes from the most popular roof window brand offered in the US, best suited for homes with flat or shingled roofs. They are large, high-quality contemporary-styled skylights. You can make your home more eco-friendly by choosing a solar-powered option. 

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Don’t wait to call your local roofing company in Portland to replace your skylight once you have decided it’s the best option for your home. Your new skylight will better protect your home while you enjoy the natural light it brings into your room.