Portland roofing contractors have seen first-hand the damage spring storms in Oregon can cause. While winter brings the heaviest level of precipitation, spring brings days when we can experience a full month of rainfall in a single 24h period. This comes with high winds and the risk of falling branches. We’re always happy to welcome spring, but it’s a fickle season at the best of times.

Roofers in Portland are accustomed to dealing with these challenges, but how can you prepare for spring storms? Here’s the best guidance from top experts in roof repair Portland, OR.

Have an Inspection Conducted by Portland Roofers

Regular inspections are the best way to identify problems that could be exacerbated by spring storms. This could include:

  • Loose or damaged shingles
  • Damage to the underlayment
  • Clogged or broken gutters

We like to be able to forget what protects us from the elements. However, it’s not just falling tree branches or hurricane-scale winds that can cause damage. Gradual wear and tear to shingles can make your home vulnerable to leaks, while damage to the underlayment can easily be exacerbated by poor weather conditions.

The best solution is to use the expertise of Portland roofing contractors to carry out regular inspections and identify problems. This will help you get ready for spring storms and fix any issues before they become critical.

Have Broken Shingles Replaced by a Roofing Company Portland, OR

Damaged shingles are a leading cause of leaking during spring. It’s often hard to notice: most shingles are durable and unless they fall from the building, there aren’t many warning signs that you may have damaged shingles.

However, they can suffer damage from extreme temperatures, falling debris, or general wear and tear. When was the last time you had your shingles inspected by Portland roofing contractors? If the answer is more than 1 year, it’s time for a check-up. Shingles that are damaged or have come loose from the underlayment can lead to extensive leaks that can cause further damage to your property.

Any good-quality roofing company Portland will conduct an inspection and offer advice on whether any shingles need to be replaced. It’s worth getting in touch, especially if your shingles are beginning to age.

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Remember that Roof Repair Portland Includes Gutter Cleaning

Roofing contractors Portland, OR are often called out to fix leaks caused by blocked gutters. Blocked gutters can lead to water cascading onto an area that it shouldn’t, such as the flat top of an extension below a sloping roof. This can lead to water building up and potentially even causing collapse.

Gutter cleaning is a vital part of the service offered by Portland roofing contractors. If you know what you’re doing up a ladder and can identify blockages or cracks in a gutter, that’s great! Otherwise, calling for professional assistance is vital when you’re anticipating spring storms.


Waiting a storm out while you’re warm and snug inside is a truly wonderful experience. Finding out that there’s water flooding into your property at 1 AM is a far less desirable experience. Don’t hesitate to contact Portland roofing contractors for a full check-up before the spring storms arrive.