A new roof does more than protect your home; it can significantly boost your home's curb appeal. A properly functioning roof is not only necessary but something you and any passerby will see. 

A roof is often a lifetime commitment, so you should consider your options carefully when choosing the color, style, and material.

Below are three things to keep in mind when deciding on the style for your new Portland roof. 

1. Material

When it comes to durability, cost-effectiveness, and curb appeal, asphalt shingles are our top recommendation for Portland roofing. 

Asphalt shingles are effective in all environmental conditions, and they offer a chic yet traditional look at an affordable price. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Not all shingles are created equal, however. Malarkey shingles are among the best in the business, combining affordability and long-lasting style in one eco-friendly package.

Look for Portland roofers who are certified by top shingle manufacturers like Malarkey to ensure a smooth and successful installation process.

2. Color

The color of your new roof in Portland has a major impact on your home's curb appeal. You'll want to choose a color that compliments your home’s exterior. 

Keep your siding, trim, window shutters, and any other details like brick in mind. There are many shingle colors to choose from, including traditional colors like black and gray and more exotic options like green, red, and even purple.

Dark colors hide any structure imperfections and don’t show algae, mold, or stains. They also hold heat, which is great for the cold day but can be a con during the summer. 

If you’re looking to save some money on your electric bill, go for a light-colored roof as they're more energy efficient. If you are unsure of what color would look best, top roofers in Portland can help you narrow down your options.. 

3. Local Weather

Climate should be a serious consideration when planning to build a roof in Portland. Although all roofs are built to survive severe weather, certain materials, styles, and colors work best for certain climates. 

High-quality asphalt shingles like Malarkey can withstand harsh weather, and the lighter colors reflect sunlight. Since we get all four seasons and a fair amount of rain here, they’re a smart investment for both energy efficiency and longevity.

Portland roofing has to withstand all kinds of weather, which is why this is important to consider when choosing a roof color and style. 

Hire Top Portland Roofers

A professional can help you choose the right color and style for your new Portland roof. A new roof will not only boost your home’s curb appeal but protect you and your family for decades to come.

Whether you're looking to sell or update your home, a roof is an investment that will go a long way. 

Be sure to work with expert roofers in Portland if you feel your rooftop needs a new look or it has reached the end of its lifespan.