Not all roofers have integrity. Unfortunately, crafty roofing scams are out there, so knowing all the red flags to watch out for is vital.

Homeowners are wise to be on the lookout for these telltale signals that a Portland roofing contractor is attempting to run a shady scheme.

Up-Front Payment in Full

Legitimate Portland roofers won’t ask for full payment before work begins. This is a glaring warning sign that something’s not right. Up-front payments of less than a fifth of the total quoted price are normal, but labor is normally charged upon completion.

When Portland roofing companies are paid in full upfront, the incentive to perform well and remain responsive is removed. Always get a few initial quotes from different roofers in Portland to assess how their costs and payment expectations compare.

Sketchy Practices

Professional roofing contractors in Portland are familiar with industry performance and safety standards. They wouldn’t ask to access your roof without first establishing a work agreement, for example. Also, taking photos prior to an inspection ensures no mysterious damage suddenly arises.

Sketchier roofing companies in Portland might start off with an incredibly low bid, but beware the classic: bait and switch. “Unexpected” increases are likely to come up. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Ask for personal references, research company reviews, verify contractor licensing, and assess the material quality before hiring a Portland roofer. Outstanding results take time, so observe the operations. If something seems sketchy or rushed, trust your instincts.

Door-to-Door Storm Damage Reports

“Fly-by-night” contractors or “storm chasers” are typically from out of town and go knocking on doors to inform residents of post-storm damage they claim to notice. Often, these rapid-fire contractors split town soon after cashing in on “marked down” services that weren’t even needed.

Be extra wary of surprise visits after severe weather. When choosing reputable roofing contractors in Portland, don’t take a walk-up salesperson at their word. Always conduct research and get a second opinion before hiring a licensed Portland roofing company.

Insurance Claim & Deductible Coverage

If a roofer in Portland offers to handle your claim or throws in added free incentives like covering your deductible – run! This is an all-too-common roofing scam.

Stay involved in your roof damage insurance claim process. If any roofer offers to take care of it, it’s a huge red flag. This con, run by shady roofers, involves cutting you out to secure themselves a boosted, dishonest payout.

Avoid Scams! Contract with Trusted, Licensed Roofers in Portland

Thankfully, quality roofs can last several decades. Still, at some point, repairs will probably be necessary, and eventually, every roof will need replacing. Working with licensed, highly-rated Portland roofing contractors is your best bet for reasonable, reliable results.

Steer clear of untrustworthy roofers looking to rip you off, Portlanders. Roofing scams are a sad reality, but being aware of the common tactics can help you select the right roofing company in Portland.

Don’t settle for less than top-tier workmanship at fair, transparent prices; hire only reputable Portland roofers.