Do you live in Portland and are looking into replacing your roof? It’s normal to be hesitant about deciding on a roofing material. Roofing companies in Portland can offer advice on the best materials for your needs. 

This guide covers the most popular materials used by Portland roofers, along with advantages & disadvantages. 

1. Malarkey Asphalt Shingles 

Malarkey asphalt shingle roofs are a top choice if you want algae-resistant shingles and eco-friendly materials. 

Malarkey shingles are made using a unique blend of polymers and asphalt to create an ultra-flexible shingle that retains granules much more effectively than regular shingles. This reduces the need for repairs and maintenance. 

In addition, Malarkey shingles are made of smog-reducing materials, keeping your roof looking great even if you live in a built-up area. They’re a top choice for roofing contractors in Portland. 

2. Common Asphalt Shingles 

When you contact roofers in Portland, they’ll provide a free consultation on what you want your house to look like. If you want your house to blend in with the others, asphalt shingles are best, although off-brand ones may be less durable. 

If you’re on a budget and looking to save, an asphalt shingle roof might be the one for you. Is it worth paying slightly more for a reputable brand? Almost always, the answer is yes. You can discuss your plans with roofing contractors in Portland, and they’ll do their best to accommodate your goals within your budget. 

3. Cedar Shake 

Consider cedar shake roofs if you’re willing to spend a little more on your house. They’re unique and beautiful, although used less frequently by roofing companies in Portland. 

They’re gorgeous to look at, which is why they’re popular in some areas. They also have long lifespans of around 30 years if properly maintained in optimal conditions. 

However, obtaining a warranty on this type of roof could be difficult. Ask your roofing contractors in Portland about their warranties – a long warranty offers greater protection for your property and can increase its resale value. 

Portland roofing contractors may be less likely to recommend cedar shake shingles because they’re more susceptible to rot than durable asphalt. The inclement weather in the PNW region makes this a risk. 

4. Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is often more expensive than asphalt shingles. However, many feel that the extra cost is worth it. 

Roofing companies in Portland will let you know that metal roofs typically last longer than asphalt shingle roofs, having a lifespan of 40-70 years, depending on the metal used. They are also environmentally friendly as they can be recycled. 

They’re also easily maintained and come in many different styles that you can experiment with to find the best look for your house. The drawback is the price – high-quality metal roofing such as zinc, copper, or aluminum is very expensive. Ask your Portland roofers if they offer this service. 

Final Thoughts 

Speaking to honest local roofers in Portland about the best materials for your roof should always be your first step. This will help you find a solution that suits your budget and provides long-lasting protection for your home!