Looking for an effective way to increase the value of your home? Get in touch with trustworthy siding contractors in Portland. They’ll go over siding replacement and repair solutions to restore your property to its former glory.  

Choosing the best material for your home can be difficult. You want to go with a material that’s durable, but also aesthetically pleasing.  

Here are the best siding options for your Oregon home. 

1. James Hardie  

Hardie board is an extremely durable material made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It looks amazing, is weather-resistant, and is available in many styles and colors. Not to mention it comes with a generous warranty.  

Other perks you’ll receive when working with Hardie siding contractors in Portland include: 

Eye-catching curb appeal 



Highly customizable 

Environmentally friendly 


Hands down, this material is among the best options. Get in touch with siding contractors in Portland to learn more!  

2. Wood 

If you’re going for a charming rustic look, consider wood siding. Popular choices include cedar wood because of its beauty and durability. It’s also resistant to mold, moisture, and rot.  

Many homeowners like to stain the wood when it starts to wear down. However, this won’t happen anytime soon as wood siding can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years.  

Keep in mind that this material requires a lot of maintenance. While it’s among the most beautiful type of siding, you want to make sure you have siding companies in Portland ready to call in the case of any repairs.  

3. Vinyl 

Vinyl has always been a popular Portland siding choice because of how affordable it is. It also comes in many colors, shapes, and textures.  

There are many pros to this type of material like the fact it doesn’t need painting. Nearly all other materials are coated with a color layer. When it comes to vinyl, the color is baked in.  

However, you’ll also run into some cons when considering vinyl. In some cases, it can lower the value of your home. Let’s say your home bears some historical significance. Vinyl siding will actually decrease its value.  

Likewise, if you’re replacing wood with vinyl, you can expect it to decrease in value. When in doubt, reach out to siding contractors in Portland! 

4. Metal 

When you hear metal, you likely think about the panels used in warehouses and sheds. However, some metal products are durable and visually appealing for homes.  

Metal siding comes in many colors, patterns, and shapes. Many come with a lifetime warranty, and they require very little maintenance. They do vary in price depending on the type of metal you go with.  

Aluminum for example tends to be the least expensive. Speak with siding companies in Portland to learn more! 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to siding for your Portland home, you have many options. Narrow down your choice by considering Hardie, wood, vinyl, and metal. Reputable siding contractors in Portland will help you decide on the best material for your home!