Fixing your roof is no easy task – it’s certainly not a DIY job. This is why it’s important to work with the best roofing companies in Portland, OR, to ensure the work is done properly. 

Check out our 7 top tips for choosing the best roofing contractor in Portland, OR. 

1. Review Their License and Insurance 

Roofing is one of the more dangerous construction and trade jobs. Make sure that any roofing contractors in Portland you may hire have all the safety equipment and tools to get the job done. 

You should always ask whatever contract you hire to show you their insurance and licenses. Any good Portland roofers will be more than willing to show you their credentials.  

2. Get Good Referrals 

It is essential to know who you are working with. Make sure to contact any friends and family who may have dealt with any roofing contractors in Portland. Doing this will help you avoid cowboys and storm chasers and will guide you toward the most reputable roofing companies in Portland.  

Local Portland roofing contractors will likely understand the local climate better and choose the most appropriate materials for your home. 

3. Search the Better Business Bureau 

By searching on the Better Business Bureau to find the best-reviewed Portland roofers, you will find out which contractors are worth contacting. The best contractors will have an A+ rating. 

4. Consider Their Reputation 

Check out a contractor’s past work and look for reviews on their website and other places. Google Reviews is a good start. 

Testimonials from past customers help you understand the type of service a contractor offers, as well as how they perform while on site. 

5. Look at Pricing 

It may be tempting to hire the company that offers the lowest prices. However, there’s a critical difference between “cheap” and “reasonable” – if a quote is suspiciously cheap, it likely means the contractor is compromising somewhere. 

Trustworthy roofing contractors in Portland will offer you a no-pressure estimate and a transparent breakdown of their pricing. Always feel free to ask – businesses you can trust are happy to provide answers! 

6. Ask About Materials 

Find out which materials the company uses and ask why. Contractors often have a preferred brand for roofing products – e.g. Malarkey shingles are often preferred by companies in the PNW area because they stand up well to the local climate. You’ll get a better idea of how the work will affect your home long-term and potentially increase its resale value. 

7. Are They Friendly? 

Good contractors offer great customer service! When you contact Portland roofing contractors, you should immediately get the impression you’re being listened to and that they’re paying attention to what you want for your project.  

Final Thoughts 

A licensed, insured contractor local to the Portland area will give you better service than a cut-price cowboy every day of the week. Find out about their work in the area, ensure you feel comfortable with their manner, and you know you’re in safe hands.