Portland is capable of some biting winters and heavy storms. Over time, this takes a toll on the exterior of your house. If this is left unattended, this can lead to rot and other problems. 

This can be prevented by noticing the signs early on. Here are the seven most common signs it’s time to call in siding contractors in Portland.  

1. Cracks  

Any crack in your house’s exterior is a place for debris, pests, water, and any other threat to creep in and cause damage. 

Siding contractors in Portland can repair underlying damage and provide a cost-effective replacement for damaged panels. 

2. Blisters or Bubbles  

The siding should lie flat across the surface of your exterior. Just as blisters on your skin are a sign of infection, these spots on the outside of your house are a sign all is not well – time for a replacement. 

3. It Needs a Lot More Maintenance than Normal  

Siding companies in Portland are always happy to help. But if you find you’re calling them out every few months, that’s a sign something is wrong. A replacement is likely the most cost-effective option. 

4. Growths Such as Moss and Algae 

Siding companies in Portland can repair or clean off low-level moss or algae growth. However, if it’s rooted deep into the siding, it may be time for a replacement, as the damage can spread inside your home.  

5. Unpleasant Odor You Can’t Identify 

When the exterior fails, the insides become compromised. As the walls become more exposed to moisture, mold and mildew form. 

This will result in a musky, sickly smell that no amount of candles and air freshener can eliminate. If this sounds familiar, siding contractors in Portland will be able to tell if your suspicions are correct and take action. 

6. Interior Paint Peeling  

Peeling paint inside your property may indicate that moisture is getting in from the outside. It’s time to contact siding companies in Portland for an inspection. 

7. Your Bills Have Increased Dramatically   

When you have an illness or injury, your body will have to work twice as hard to keep functioning to make up for the deficit. The same thing could happen to your house – not what you want when energy bills are already sky-high

Siding companies in Portland can inspect your home and identify where the leaks are and save you money on bills. 

What to Do When You Notice a Problem 

You’ll need to enlist the help of capable Portland siding contractors – it all starts with a free inspection. Replacing parts of your home’s structure needs to be done by a professional, as ineffective repairs are worse than no repairs!  

Siding companies in Portland will offer the most cost effective solution after determining where the problem is. If the best answer is a full replacement, they’ll help finance the replacement and suggest the most cost-effective, durable materials. 

Final Thoughts: Swift Remediation Saves Money 

Portland siding needs TLC, like any part of your home. The replacement job will be much less involved and much less expensive for you if the problem is caught early!