Your roof isn’t designed to last forever. While some materials last longer than others, all roofs must eventually be replaced. 

However, knowing when it’s time to replace your roof is tricky.  

Here are 5 signs it’s time to get in touch with roofing contractors in Portland.  

1. Leaks 

If you notice there’s discoloration on your ceilings or walls, you’ve likely got a leak.  

Moisture coming in through the roof can be costly if left untreated. Over time, it will damage your home’s foundation and weaken its structure. Therefore, if you notice leaks, it’s time to get in touch with a Portland roofing contractor.  

2. Curled or Buckled Shingles 

Multiple curled, missing, or buckled shingles are signs of an aging roof.  

There are many reasons why your roof’s shingles are damaged. For example, buckled shingles can be the result of moisture in the attic forcing nails to push up and out the roof’s decking. This is less than ideal as it exposes your home to outdoor elements.  

One or two damaged shingles will likely require a repair. If there are multiple curled or buckled shingles, you may be looking at a replacement. Roofing companies in Portland will help you decide the best route to take.  

3. Shingle Granules 

While damaged shingles are bad signs, they’re not the only signs your roof requires a replacement. Take a look at your gutters for any granules. The older your shingles are, the more granules you’re likely to see.  

Likewise, if you take a look at your roof’s shingles and see much of the asphalt layer peaking through the granule coating, it’s time for a replacement. Many roofing companies in Portland offer a free roof inspection. Give them a call and save yourself the trouble of climbing up a ladder to inspect your roof.  

4. Algae Growth 

Algae growing on rooftops is the result of bacteria. If you’ve got algae growth, get in touch with roofing companies in Portland sooner rather than later. This could mean it needs a replacement or, at the very least, a thorough roof cleaning.  

Whichever the case, Portland roofers will be happy to help.  

5. Mold 

When the attic of your home isn’t vented properly, it can create moisture to accumulate. And if there’s one thing roofing companies in Portland know, mold thrives in moist conditions.  

Have Portland roofers inspect your attic for signs of mold. They may be able to stop it in its tracks. If not dealt with soon enough, it can rot the plywood, requiring homeowners to replace the entire roof.  

It doesn’t matter if your roof is new or old. Mold will thrive wherever given the opportunity. Don’t give it this chance – reach out to Portland roofing contractors today! 

Final Thoughts 

If you notice any of the above signs on your roof, it’s time to call a roofing contractor in Portland. While these are signs that your roof needs a replacement, a repair may do the trick when caught early enough.