Whether you’re looking to become a Portland roofing professional yourself or you’re looking to hire contractors, it’s good to know what’s required. This way, you can fulfill the requirements to become an expert in the field or know what to look for in contractors that you hire.

Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about how people become roofers in Portland — both the necessary and preferred requirements.

Education Requirements

Companies will put more stock in experience over education. However, most Portland roofers have at least a GED or equivalent education.

So, when starting, it’s best for future roofers to complete high school or a GED program while still completing their training and certification programs. This tells potential employers that they have the basic math and reading skills to learn and be successful while making them competitive in the talent pool.


One of the best and easiest ways to get the foundational skills of the industry is to attend a trade school. This teaches students everything they need to know about the industry in a course perfectly paced for beginners. This isn’t a requirement but gives those who complete the program a competitive edge.

All will need to complete an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. This means that experienced professionals pass on their knowledge and supervise novices who get hands-on experience. Once they have the knowledge needed to pass a pre-licensing test, they can move on from the apprenticeship/training position.

Licensing or Certification

Licensing and certification requirements differ by state. In Oregon, the government does require that roofers in Portland are appropriately licensed through the state government. This ensures that anyone working on Portland roofing has the proper worker’s compensation, insurance, training, and general requirements to do a good job and get things taken care of if anything should go wrong.

Working with unlicensed Portland roofers puts homeowners at risk. Not only does it mean that their home could be treated poorly, but they could end up liable for any accidents that occur on their property. So before hiring any contractors, ensure that they have the proper license.

What Makes the Best Portland Roofers

Like with any industry, there are the minimum requirements, and then there are the qualities that make the best stand out. Just because a roofing company in Portland has a trained, educated, licensed, and insured team doesn’t mean they’d be the best for your home. Here are some qualities that would make you the best in the industry or what you should be looking for in Portland roofing reviews:

  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Good communication skills
  • Physical strength
  • Good teamwork
  • Commitment to safety

Find Portland Roofing Contractors for Your Home

If you’ve read through this and think you’re ready to become a roofer yourself, take the leap! It could be the best decision you ever make. And for those looking to hire contractors for their home, know that there are plenty of qualified candidates out there, so you can find the Portland roofing company that you feel most comfortable with and would love to hire again and again.

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