If you like undertaking DIY projects, maybe tackling roofs doesn’t seem scary to you, and you think there will be a great deal of satisfaction. There are risks involved, however.

Roofing is dangerous, and you might not have all the equipment you need. There are times when it’s better to call in professional roofers in Portland who can easily do the job quickly and efficiently for you.

Here we break down the pros and cons of going the DIY roofing vs. working with a professional roofing company Portland, OR.

DIY Roofing

There are pros and cons to DIY roofing in Portland, so let’s take a look.

1. It’s Faster

It’s faster and easier to jump up on the roof and take a look instead of waiting for a professional. However, this is dangerous, especially when Portland roofers can fix your roof quickly and easily.

Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to tackle hidden issues as they crop up. Besides, once a contractor starts, they’ll be much faster completing a job, making sure your roof isn’t vulnerable to snow and weather damage.

2. You’ll Save Money

For many, the lure of saving money is enough to put themselves in danger. And it’s true—you’ll save on the labor costs.

However, DIY roofers don’t have the expertise to handle complex issues, and it could be more costly in the long run. Portland roofing contractors often have access to materials that cost less than the retail price, and they won’t require multiple fixes that ultimately add to the expense.

3. Danger

It’s dangerous to fix your roof yourself. DIY roofers don’t have the safety equipment or tools needed to take safety precautions. Expert roofers undertake a great deal of training to make they conduct roof repair Portland, OR safely and responsibly.

Professional Roofing

It’s a big decision to hire a professional, but one that you make with the safety of yourself and your family in mind. Here are some of the benefits of hiring roofing contractors in Portland, OR:

1. Knowledge

Professional roofers in Portland have local knowledge of the weather, the materials needed, and the inside scoop on where to buy supplies for reasonable costs. Your local DIY store cannot compare to professional materials.

2. Cost-Effective

You’ll find that hiring a professional is cost-effective, as roofers in Portland know what they’re doing and complete the job quickly.

3. Warranty

If you fix your roof without the paperwork to prove that it meets the standard of local codes, you could risk violating housing regulations.

With a professional roofer, you usually have a warranty for the material they used and the work they undertook. For a DIY-er, you won’t have the roofer’s warranty and may void the existing warranty since the work wasn’t undertaken by a professional.

It’s also important to consider the damage you could cause to the roof when simply trying a minor DIY repair. Contact a contractor to receive professional roof repair in Portland.

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DIY vs. Expert

Although it’s easy to see the advantages to repairing your roof, these are minuscule compared to the benefits of hiring an expert roofer in Portland. If you want to be more informed about the steps your roofer is taking, you can always ask questions, so you feel more involved.

For your safety and the safety of your roof and home, it is highly advisable to call in a professional Portland roofing company and let them do their job.