Whether you’ve moved into your first home or need roof repair on your current home, hiring a Portland roofing contractors can be a daunting task. There are so many options in the area, each with their own promises of customer satisfaction and a fast job-well-done.

How do you know which are the absolute best roofers in Portland for the job?

Ask them these 12 questions, and you’ll have your answer.

1. Do They Have a License?

This is probably the most important question you can ask a Portland roofing contractor. Ensuring your roofing company in Portland has a license gives you valid proof of their expertise. Anyone can claim to have the skills, but if they can’t prove their credentials, they’re amateurs.

Portland roofers are also required to hold a license if they are taking on work.

2. Are They Insured?

Roofing contractors in Portland, OR, operating without insurance will bring trouble in the event of an accident. Insurance means you aren’t held liable for bills that are caused by injury, therefore protecting your finances.

3. Do They Have References and Reviews?

Portland roofers often seek new work from previous references, reviews, and recommendations. A roofing company in Portland, OR with stellar reviews suggests competency. If they have the community’s approval, they’re likely to have yours too.

4. Do They Offer Warranty?

Having a roof warranty protects you from accidents that could cause damage. If your newly installed roof has a fault that originates from the manufacturing stage and you don’t have a warranty, you will have to pay for the repairs.

With a warranty, you are completely covered.

5. How Much Do They Charge?

Clearing the pricing before your Portland roofers begin work will let you know whether you can afford it. Getting a quote/price in writing also gives you leverage if the company decides to charge more.

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6. Will They Inspect the Current Roof Before Maintenance or Replacement?

Always ask this question to your potential Portland roofing contractors. They must conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property before they begin roof repair in Portland, OR. This is so they can address potential problems with your gutters or foundation before fixing the roof on top.