Just because you aren’t in Kansas does not mean you will not experience wind damage! While your house may not be transported entirely, Portland roofers can attest to the effects of severe wind damage.

Time is a major factor in Portland roofing. Damage can build up from exposure and be hard to spot. Fortunately, this is where Portland roofing contractors come in. With just some foresight and preparation, you can tackle wind damage before it develops into grave problems.

Spotting the Damage 

This first step in dealing with wind damage in Portland, OR is simply knowing the signs. Roofing contractors of Portland, OR will advise you on the following gradual results from wind storms: 

Shingles Lifting 

Frequent wind will lift shingles and loosen nails. Then it blows between the loose shingle and decking, causing entire sections of your structure to fly free.


A hard-to-spot form of damage is debris that takes up residence on the roof. Powerful storms and strong winds can send branches and other objects flying. Some of these will land on your roof and lead to structural damage. This damage can be subtle and requires the expert eye of a roofing company from Portland, OR. 

Leaks from Loose Shingles 

Shingles on the edge are particularly likely to succumb to wind damage. This can lead to leaks, which result in costly repairs. Instead, invest in preemptive maintenance with Portland roofers for peace of mind. 

Loose Patches 

With all these loose shingles flying around, you may have a patch of exposed decking. With the next major storm, you could have a major headache. After a strong wind blows, it is advisable to contact roofers in Portland for an inspection and necessary repairs. 

Understanding the Effects of Wind Damage 

Regardless of severe or minor damage, you shouldn’t throw caution to the wind. Care begins with removing debris and identifying any loose shingles. After a high-wind event, never expect anything to be where it’s supposed to be. This goes for downed power lines and more. 

Ideally, the preventative maintenance that Portland roofing companies undertake will mitigate extreme damage. 

Never let small issues go, as they can lead to serious structural harm later. A lot of small issues lead to leaks, which will create every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Water intrusion is a well-known source of damage to the roof repair in Portland, OR that contractors perform. The results are mildew and mold growth and sometimes an entire roof replacement.

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Call a Roofing Company to Protect Your Home 

If you have let your roof hang over your head without much thought, it might be time for a roofing company in Portland, OR to inspect it. This structure is the barrier between you and sleeping under the stars. Enlist the aide of the best Portland roofing contractors for peace of mind.