In Portland, preventing leaks in one’s roof can be tricky because the climate of Oregon is very rainy. The temperature also fluctuates between freezing and extremely hot.

Roofing contractors in Portland, OR understand that this variation in weather leads to more weathering and erosion of a roof. They also know that the high humidity and rain will usually lead to an increased amount of mold or buildup. Intense weather will also create damage and cracks very quickly.

For all these reasons, you will need to have a reliable roofing company in Portland, OR. With a great team to help you, follow these tips to keep your home leak-free!

1. Maintenance and Frequent Checks

Keeping your roof safe from leaks can be as easy as scheduling regular home checks and evaluations by a certified professional.

Roofing contractors will be able to double-check all of your vents, eaves, and shingles to make sure that there are no underlying problems lurking. Conducting these inspections 2 times per year with your roofing company in Portland is the recommended time frame to ensure that all of your home’s maintenance needs are met.

2. Don’t Try Your Own Repairs

Some repairs may seem very simple and easy to do yourself, but beware! When you have even the most minor problems, you should always call the experts in roof repair in Portland, because there could be a more significant problem that needs addressing. The minor issue you see can be a symptom of something requiring professional roofers in Portland.

Only trained Portland roofing contractors will be able to detect and identify the ultimate cause of an issue and be able to fix the deeper problem and avoid seeing significant water damage or major leaks.

3. Be Vigilant and Call For Repairs ASAP

While you should not fix your own minor problems, you should be vigilant about checking for them. The most common cause of leaky roofs is powerful storms and weather. After big storms, you should walk around your home and double-check that everything is in good condition.

While you are inspecting, some problems to look for include:

  • Shifted shingles
  • Broken tiles
  • Fallen tiles
  • Sagging areas on your roof
  • Areas inside (on your ceiling) with water damage

If you see any of these signs, call your roofing contractors in Portland, OR to help. In case you are worried about scaling your roof to check for damage, calling your Portland roofers for a formal inspection is your best bet. Noticing these problems early and calling will save you time, money, and energy in the future!

Final Thoughts

Portland roofing is a tricky business, as a result of the intense climate that homes are subjected to. After any storm or years of wear and tear, you may notice small issues here and there or major problems.

For these, be sure to call the best company for roof repair in Portland, OR, to have a professional inspection. Keeping up with your maintenance is the most important step in preventing leaky roofs and saving you time and money.