In the realm of construction, particularly in regions like Portland, Oregon, unforeseen damages, especially due to water intrusion, are a common challenge. KVN Construction, with its extensive experience, offers a strategic approach to mitigate these risks in both residential and commercial projects.

The Reality of Unforeseen Damages

In the Pacific Northwest, where rain is frequent, water intrusion is a significant concern in construction projects. These unforeseen damages can range from minor issues to major structural problems, often discovered during siding and window installations. The key to managing these challenges lies in anticipation and preparation.

KVN Construction's Approach to Unforeseen Damages

Our method involves a thorough initial assessment to identify potential problem areas. We allocate a contingency budget within the project estimate, typically a percentage of the total cost, to cover unforeseen damages. This proactive approach ensures that if no additional damages are found, the client is not charged the extra amount. However, if damages are discovered, the contingency budget is utilized to address them without significant financial surprises.

Why Experience Matters in Handling Unforeseen Damages

With over 25 years of experience in siding contractors Portland OR, KVN Construction understands the intricacies of dealing with unforeseen damages. Our expertise allows us to accurately estimate the scope of potential issues and effectively manage them. This experience is crucial in avoiding "oh my god" moments for property owners and investors.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Contractor

Selecting a certified and experienced contractor like KVN Construction is vital. Our commitment to using the correct installation materials and standing behind our work ensures that your project is not just about fixing the present but safeguarding the future. This approach is particularly important in regions prone to water damage, where the right preventive measures can make a significant difference.