Understanding the nuances of insurance coverage for siding damage is crucial for homeowners. KVN Construction, with over two decades of experience in dealing with exterior building damages, sheds light on this often-misunderstood aspect of home insurance.

The Reality of Insurance Coverage for Siding Damage

Typically, insurance companies do not cover damages to siding caused by leaking windows. They often attribute such damages to faulty installation by building contractors. This leaves homeowners in a predicament, especially when the damage is discovered outside the insurance limitations period set for contractors.

Insurance Limitations for Contractors

In Oregon, a contractor's insurance covers damages up to 10 years from the completion of the building or home. In Washington, this period is 6 years. Unfortunately, most damages, particularly those related to siding, windows, or doors, are discovered after these periods. This gap often results in homeowners bearing the cost of repairs for faulty installations.

The Importance of Thorough Home Inspections

KVN Construction advises new homeowners to conduct comprehensive inspections upon the completion of their homes. While code inspectors focus on specific areas like electrical or plumbing, the exterior of the home, crucial for ensuring proper waterproofing, often goes unchecked. A detailed inspection can identify potential issues before they escalate.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Selecting a certified siding contractor with extensive experience, like KVN Construction, is vital. Our commitment to using the correct installation materials and standing behind our work ensures that your home is protected against potential siding damages. This expertise is particularly important in regions prone to water intrusion.

Conclusion: Navigating Insurance and Contractor Choices

Understanding insurance coverage limitations and choosing the right contractor are key to protecting your home from siding damage. KVN Construction, a trusted siding contractor Portland Oregon, offers the expertise and reliability homeowners need to navigate these complex issues effectively.