There will come a time when your Portland roof will need replacement. When that time comes, it’s important to have it properly installed, as it's your home's first line of defense. Improperly installed roofs can cause further damage to the exterior and interior of the home. If one part of your roof is installed incorrectly, it risks failing prematurely.

Below are 4 reasons proper Portland roof installation is important. 


Even when properly installed, damage can still happen. That usually comes from defective materials or weather, which is unavoidable. A warranty covers replacements of defective materials.

You should talk to roofers in Portland about what the warranty would cover if you worked with them, as every warranty is different. The length of the warranty will also vary. Some last only 5 years, others last up to 25.

It can be as little as nails not being properly placed for a manufacturer not to honor the warranty. This is why proper installation from experienced Portland roofers is so important!


A proper ventilation system is important not only for your roof in Portland but your wider home. If moisture isn’t able to escape your attic, you run the risk of mold. Severe mold is a health risk for you and your family. A roof can fail in as little as two years if there isn’t a working ventilation system.

A Portland roofing company should check your attic's ventilation system, if they don’t, steer clear! This is something that should be done before the installation begins. Damage from improper ventilation can even void your roof’s warranty.

Cost Effective

Although a new roof in Portland is a costly bill, it’s nothing compared to what you would spend if it’s installed incorrectly. There are many ways you will find yourself having to spend unnecessary money on Portland roofing. For example, if the roof is installed improperly, water damage can not only affect your roof’s structure but the home as well. 

You will not only have to deal with structural damage, but you'll also have to deal with mold, damaged insulation, and wet spots on ceilings and walls. A new roof can also lower your electricity bill. The material can reflect UV rays and keep your home cooler during summer days, making your AC work less. 

Curb Appeal

Whether you're looking to sell your home or upgrade it, a new roof can make a drastic change. It's one of the largest components of your home's exterior. This makes it easy to enhance your home's curb appeal by having Portland roofers replace your roof. 

For example, missing or curled shingles and dark streaks can make a home look older than it is or look not kept up with. Although this is something that will happen naturally, it happens sooner rather than later when a roof is installed wrong. 

Have An Inspection Done Today!

If you’re unsure whether it's time for a replacement, or if repairs are needed, reach out to experienced roofers in Portland! It’s more than just missing shingles you need to look out for. They can properly evaluate the structure and know what to look for.