Replacing your rooftop can be both exciting and daunting. Besides looking forward to a new safe and stylish roof for your home, you also have to decide if you will tackle the task yourself or seek the help of roofers in Portland. 

This article will cover important factors to determine which approach is best for your Portland roof replacement project.

Factor #1: Cost

It’s no secret that any work involving your roof can be pricey, which is why many homeowners consider turning it into a DIY project. 

While it will cost you time, doing it yourself could help keep the project within your budget, since you’ll be paying only for materials and equipment. When you hire a Portland roofing company, you’ll need to pay for labor as well.

However, it’s crucial to consider that mistakes are much more likely if you do it yourself, and that you may need to pay a contractor to come fix your errors afterwards. You’ll end up spending even more money that way than you would have by hiring Portland roofers in the first place.

Factor #2: Safety

It’s easy to see that working on a roof is a hazardous undertaking. However, this risk is even more prominent when doing the task yourself. You are not as experienced as a professional, and you may not have the required safety equipment to tackle the job. 

Professional Portland roofers have undergone rigorous safety training and are also insured in case of a workplace accident, which protects you from unexpected costs as well.

Factor #3: Materials & Tools

While anybody could find roofing materials and tools at local hardware stores, they will be faced with many options and could be overwhelmed by the number of available options. 

Moreover, the best equipment for one roofing replacement may not be the best for another, which is where the expertise of roofers in Portland comes in handy. 

Because of their years of experience, they will not only already have the needed equipment, but can also guide you in choosing the right material for your new roof according to your Portland roof’s specific needs.

Factor #4: Results

Once the job is done, you want to feel like you’ve got the best roof in Portland. 

However, a DIY job can lead to less appealing results. It may even be obvious that it was not done by a Portland roofing company. Besides posing safety hazards, this can lower your home’s curb appeal, making your property worth less when it comes time to sell. 

For a more pleasant view and a better job done, it’s always recommended to opt for professional help.

Hire Pros to Replace Your Roof in Portland

Most homeowners need the help of a professional team of roofers in Portland to tackle a big job like roof replacement. Experienced roofers can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s renovation is in expert hands.

So, before you climb up on your roof, be sure to consider alternative options and get quotes from various roofing service providers in the area!