When your siding needs to be replaced, there is no time to waste, because your house is never more vulnerable. Storm damage that it would normally withstand just fine might penetrate its defenses. 

We’ve assembled a list of seven signs your home’s exterior needs attention. If any of these points sound familiar, you need to seek the help of a siding contractor in Portland immediately.

1. Discoloration 

This is the most outwardly visible of the signs something is off. Your next call needs to be a reliable Portland siding contractor if there is a portion of your material that has faded in color, because that means the material itself has weakened. 

2. Stains or Damage in the Interior Walls

If you notice any stains or peeling paint indoors, all is far from well. Compare it to a stain on your ceiling being an indicator of a leak in your roof. 

The damage will usually be combined with a pungent, musky odor in that portion of the house. 

3. Growths or Pest Infestations 

By the time infestations show up to the naked eye, they have had a lot of time to do damage to your walls. Contact siding contractors in Portland immediately for assistance.

4. Peeling or Twisting 

When new paint jobs refuse to stay new, this means portions of your exterior have rotted away. This kind of damage cannot be repaired on its own. You’ll need to rely on Portland siding contractors to do this for you. 

5. You Can’t Regulate Your House’s Temperature 

One of the primary purposes of siding is to keep air from escaping your house, which regulates your house’s temperature during the hotter or colder months. You’ll find yourself dealing with discomfort and staggering energy bills when your panels wear out. 

Contact a top Portland siding contractor right away.

6. Bubbling on the Surface 

A house’s exterior should be smooth all the way across. If the texture is bumpy, that means it has been irreversibly damaged and it will be easily broken. 

If you see any disruptions in your exterior’s surface, you need to call siding contractors in Portland right away to see what needs to be done. 

7. Cracks or Holes 

Extensive structural damage means your entire house is compromised. Rain and debris will soon seep through, which can lead to leaks and mold. Cracks also give pests a perfect place to sneak in and build nests. 

The worst part about problems in a house’s structure is that they can quickly snowball once they first start to form. Luckily, all of these worries can be taken away by the right siding contractor in Portland.

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A small issue on your house’s exterior will never stay small. Even a minor leak can quickly blossom into a big problem – especially if it hasn’t been fixed by the time a heavy storm hits.

Don’t ignore any of these signs. Call a Portland siding company to assess your home’s exterior right away.