Vinyl is often recommended by siding contractors in Portland as it’s sturdy, has a long lifespan, and looks great on your home! However, like any material, it is not completely immune to problems.

Read on to learn what professional siding companies in Portland have learned from working with vinyl and other materials.

Impact Damage

Portland siding contractors observe that vinyl is susceptible to damage from impacts. Impacts, such as flying tree branches or stones thrown up by lawnmowers, can harm the vinyl.

These collisions will create cracks, holes, and splintered panels, which will need to be replaced even after lighter impacts. Products like James Hardie fiber cement siding stand up to impacts better.

Cracking and Warping

Extreme weather is a threat to vinyl. Extreme temperature variations can make it warp or crack. For instance, it may expand when exposed to extreme temperatures, causing damage through cracking or melting.

On the other hand, it can contract when exposed to cold weather, resulting in cracks or other types of damage. Siding can also warp or break due to poor installation, such as attaching the panels excessively firm.

Moisture Infiltration

This type of material is not totally waterproof, despite being made to be water-resistant. Moisture infiltration can still occur due to water seeping behind the panels, especially if the siding is built incorrectly. This might result in decay and mold growth, harming the underlying structure.


Fading affects your home’s curb appeal and makes it look cheap and rundown. Due to repeated exposure to sunshine, vinyl siding can fade over time.

Its color may fade due to exposure to UV radiation from the sun, losing some of its charm and curb appeal. Therefore, you should use it on structures not exposed to direct sunlight.

Poor Installation

One of the main reasons vinyl structures malfunction is improper installation. If the panels are attached too firmly, there isn’t enough room for expansion and contraction, or the joints between the panels aren’t adequately sealed, this can happen.

Unprofessional installation can result in issues like cracking, warping, and moisture infiltration. Ensure you hire professional siding companies in Portland to avoid most of the problems listed above.

Insect Infestation

Although insects rarely harm vinyl, some species, like termites or carpenter ants, can bore through the siding and into the underlying structure. That ends up harming the house and damaging the beautiful structures in your home.

This is more likely to occur if the siding has openings for the insects, such as gaps or cracks. Therefore, knowing experienced siding contractors in Portland could save your home and vinyl from insect infestation.


Vinyl is an excellent material used by most Portland siding contractors, mainly because of its durability and versatility. However, it also comes with some challenges, like cracking and warping, especially when the vinyl is not properly installed.

While other problems like fading and moisture infiltration can pose a huge challenge to siding companies in Portland, there are workable solutions to most of these problems. If you pick the right vinyl siding contractor, there is no problem they won’t be able to fix.