Keeping your house looking neat and tidy isn’t always easy. One task in particular that you may be dreading is cleaning your James Hardie fiber cement siding. It’s an essential step in making your home look its best and with the right tools and techniques, you can make the task a little easier.

To help you out, follow these four steps to keep your James Hardie fiber cement looking pristine.

1. Get Your Equipment Ready

Before you can get started, you need the right tools for the job. Here’s a list of standard tools you’ll need to fork out from the garage:

  • Soft cloth
  • Soft brush
  • Hose
  • Mildew cleaner
  • Dishwasher liquid
  • Tap water

It’s also worth wearing the proper protective clothing, including gloves, a face covering, and protective eyewear. Don’t forget to bring plastic sheeting to protect your plants and landscaping in the vicinity.

Speak to a Portland siding contractor if you need any support for finding, buying, or using the right equipment.

2. Clean Away of Debris and Dirt

First thing’s first, clean off all that pesky dirt and dust that accumulates around your home’s exterior over time and dulls its color.

The best way to rejuvenate the look of your Portland siding is to wipe away any dirt from the surface that you can get using a damp cloth. Use a soft brush to deal with any lingering debris. Once you’ve done that, you should rinse the area with water. The easiest way is with a hose, and you can use water pressure settings for a better clean.

Don’t try and get it all done in one go – it’s best to split the job up into smaller sections so that one dirty area doesn’t drip onto a clean one. If you want the area to retain its appearance, you should expect to do this at least every six months.

3. Remove Grease and Oil

Next, it’s time to remove any lingering grease and oil accumulated.

Fill a bowl with soapy water. To do this, use dishwashing liquid – avoid detergents or more harsh cleaning fluids that could damage the siding. Get in touch with a Portland siding contractor if you want to find out more about which cleaning fluids are effective without causing damage.

Use the soapy mixture with a cloth to remove the grease. Keep cleaning the wipe regularly to ensure any dirt or grease doesn’t spread from the cloth. Once you’re done, rinse the area thoroughly with water.

4. Erase Mildew and Mold

Now it’s time to remove that ugly mold from your Portland siding for good. As well as looking bad, it can also cause damage over time if it is left unchecked.

First, inspect the area for signs of mold. This will typically be brown or even black. Speak to a siding contractor in Portland, OR if you want more information about spotting the signs of mold. Next, use an anti-mold spray over the affected areas. This should remove the mold and reduce the chances of it growing back.

Rinse to clear the chemicals from the spray and any leftover mold.

Keep Your Exterior Cleaner for Longer

Contact a Portland siding company if you notice any signs of damage to your siding while cleaning it. They can get you the siding repair in Portland that you need.

Alternatively, if you need some help getting your siding cleaned effectively, get in touch with a Portland Siding company today. A siding contractor in Portland, OR will be able to use their expertise to get the job done quickly and effectively at an affordable price.

Speak to a Portland siding company today to keep your siding looking cleaner for longer.