Have you been thinking of replacing your home’s siding but putting it off? If so, you could be risking a lot!

The siding on your home needs to be replaced every decade by a Portland siding contractor because as storms, weather, and normal wear and tear occur, it will start to give out. When this happens, your house becomes at risk of these six issues.

1. Increased Energy Bills

Insulation in your walls and siding is one of the major causes of increased electricity bills. The structure is a significant and necessary part of the insulation that contributes to an energy-efficient home. The reason for this is that your home will be less effective at keeping in warm air during the winter and preventing it from getting too hot during the summer, leading to higher utility costs from overworked HVAC units.

2. Water Damage

Siding protects your home from weather damage, particularly water that comes from annual snowstorms and rain. If your siding is exposing your home’s interior to outside conditions, you might see more leaks in your future and a strong reason to call the pros for repairs. As water soaks the materials inside your house, it can cause warping and affect the structural integrity of your home.

We recommend investing in siding repair in Portland now to prevent leaks from developing in the future.

3. Mold and Mildew Buildup

In addition to warping, water damage can lead to mold and mildew development. Having mold growth in your home isdangerous to your health because this substance releases bacteria into the air that irritates our eyes, sinuses, and lunges.

Some of the adverse side effects of mold-related allergies include stuffiness, coughing, and worsened seasonal allergies. However, you can avoid these by keeping out water damage with siding repair.

4. Peeling Paint and Wallpaper Indoors

When the water seeps into your home through your Portland siding, the quality of your interior design may be at risk. With drywall that has become soaked with water, materials like paint and wallpaper will lose their ability to stick. This may leave you with your paint and wall decorations peeling off of your walls.

Invest in siding repair to keep your interior walls in pristine condition.

5. Decreased Attractiveness of Your Home

With the poor condition of your siding, your house will lose its curb appeal. With a faulty structure that needs to be replaced, you risk decreasing your house’s overall market value.

6. Increased Damage Inside and More Expensive Repairs

If you do experience water damage inside of your home, it will take extensive and costly repairs from your Portland siding company to undo the damage. This is because most water damage is not reversible, and you will need to have much of your house’s sealant and inner drywall removed and replaced.

Save money upfront by investing in preventative siding maintenance in Portland, which is a lot cheaper than dealing with mold growth, leaks, and other issues.

Concluding Thoughts

Maintaining your outside sealant is very important for your house because of all the risks that come with broken or faulty siding. If you put off your riding repair in Portland too long, you could face serious problems and very expensive repairs. So make sure you call your siding contractor in Portland, OR, as soon as you are due for repairs!