Homeowners have a lot on their plate in regards to the maintenance and upkeep of their homes. One central area includes a home’s siding, which affects household durability and appearance. However, many Portland, Oregon residents have found that fiber cement siding is the ultimate siding solution.

An expert Portland siding company can easily list off the benefits of fiber cement for you. But to save you the trouble, we’ve compiled all the benefits below. Keep reading to learn why so many property owners favor this material!

How Fiber Cement Siding Is Made

Fiber cement siding is made with cellulose fibers, sand, water, and Portland cement. It also includes some proprietary additives that make it the perfect blend. These ingredients allow for a flawless method that can protect your home while still making it look beautiful at the same time.

A Beautiful & Durable Choice

There are many reasons that Portland residences prefer fiber cement siding for their homes rather than wood or vinyl paneling. Those reasons include:

  • Fiber cement lasts much longer than the alternatives. Homeowners won’t require siding repair in Portland nearly as often.
  • This material is considered low-maintenance by most standards, which helps simplify home care.
  • Fiber cement siding offers versatility in appearance, and the coloring is entirely customizable.
  • The beautiful color lasts as the paint is pressed into the cement with ColorPlus technology.
  • Unlike vinyl options, fiber cement is entirely paintable if you wish to change the look.

Your Portland siding contractor can discuss your color options, and give you more insight into how long you can expect your renovation to last.

Fire Resistance At Its Finest

Fires are always a concern in the home. One good way to help protect your home would be to use fiber paneling instead of wood. In a worst-case scenario, if your home were to catch fire, wood ishighly flammable. Wood paneling puts you at a much more significant risk of severe fire damage.

Fiber paneling is another matter, as it is rated for non-combustion, meaning that it is not flammable. Let your Portland siding company protect your home and family by installing the fiber cement option.

Keep Pests Out

Wood paneling happens to be a place many pests want to make their home. Wood can leave your home with unwanted cracks, crevices, and holes that invite all sorts of unwanted vermin. However, fiber is an excellent alternative because it doesn’t attract pests nor have spaces for them to crawl into! To ensure your home remains pest-free, call a siding contractor in Portland, OR, and ask about the fiber cement exterior option.

Don’t Sweat Repairs

The final cherry on top for using fiber happens to be its very impressive thirty-year warranty. Any siding repair work that needs completing will not be entirely out of your pocket. Discuss the full terms of your warranty with your trusted Portland siding company.

Reach Out About Your Options Today

This material has taken exterior renovations by storm. It’s ultra-durable, highly customizable, and even ensures your household is protected from fire and pests. If you’d like to try this option for yourself, give your local Portland siding contractor a call today!