When it comes to keeping your home’s exterior protected against inclement weather and other outdoor hazards, vinyl siding is a useful and efficient option preferred by many homeowners all over Oregon. But how can you decide what kind is the best version for your home?

Any Portland siding contractor will tell you that Mastic brand insulated vinyl siding is the way to go. The professionals have trusted Mastic products for years, and for good reason. This brand has become a leader in the industry thanks to its attention to detail and dedication to providing high-quality products that take advantage of the latest, most innovative insulation technologies.  

If this hasn’t convinced you that Mastic insulated vinyl exterior covering is the best option for all of your Portland siding needs, don’t give up on us yet. Here are five more reasons why you should always trust your home’s exterior to this excellent, time-tested product.

1. Protection from the Elements

If you’re worried about protecting your home’s exterior from harsh weather conditions, Mastic brand insulation has you covered. This product is known for its exceptional durability against forces such as ice, snow, rain, and wind. In fact, it can even stand up to wind speeds of up to 180 mph. This is sure to save you money on potential siding repair in Portland when you choose less durable brands. 

2. Low-Maintenance Upkeep

Vinyl is a very durable material. Unlike other common siding types like fiber cement and wood, it can last for a long time without intervention or needing to be repainted. It is not afflicted by rot or other forms of moisture damage either.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of exterior insulation is reducing heat transfer from the inside and outside of your home, thus increasing your energy efficiency and reducing your monthly utility bill. Mastic brand products have you covered in this department, providing better protection from drafts and energy loss. They even have the Energy Star seal of approval!

4. Keeps Pests Out

Homes with wood siding tend to attract unwanted pests like ants, bees, termites, and other harmful insects that can damage your exterior and make their way inside. However, vinyl isn’t pleasing to pests, and it’s harder for them to penetrate. 

5. Positive Aesthetic Contributions

Another reason you should consider Mastic insulated vinyl siding is simply because it looks nice. It comes in a wide variety of different styles — not only various paint colors but also wood textures and other interesting designs. You’re sure to find the right option to match your home’s style.

Keep Your Home’s Exterior Protected with Mastic Insulated Vinyl Siding

Any siding contractor in Portland, OR, worth his salt knows all about the immense benefits of Mastic brand insulated vinyl siding. So when you get in touch with your local Portland siding company to have your home’s siding repaired or replaced, don’t forget to request this product by name. Still don’t believe us? Ask them what they think!