Woodpeckers are beautiful, unique birds that bring exciting activity to any homeowner’s yard. However, if you live in the Portland area, you likely know how often these birds do damage to your siding. These birds may peck away and create holes in your wood as they look for insects burrowing into the wall or a place to build a nest.

It can be time-consuming to call a Portland siding contractor for repairs every time damage is done. That’s why a lot of residents and homeowners use James Hardie to stand up to damage.

What makes this brand the best for combating woodpecker damage to Portland siding? Well, it’s because woodpeckers hate James Hardie! We’ll explain more below.

No Nutritional Value For Pets

Unlike most common, siding options, James Hardie is cleverly composed of exactly what woodpeckers hate: fiber cement. This is created by mixing water, wood pulp, cement, and silica sand.

Materials like natural wood or cedar shake attract insects and woodpeckers because they are authentic, natural wood that these pests encounter in the wild. Woodpeckers are attracted to natural wood because they know small insects are hiding inside, and so they peck through to get their dinner. However, fiber cement can’t house the bugs they crave. They can tell that your James Hardie siding is not natural wood, and so they’ll seek food elsewhere.

James Hardie products installed by a good Portland siding company doesn’t just hold up better to woodpeckers and insects — it never attracts them in the first place.

Tough To Break

Nests are the other major reason a bird may dig into man-made structures. Fiber cement that is used to construct this type of siding is near impossible to penetrate, unlike natural wood. This means that if a woodpecker attempts to drill holes for a nest, they’ll realize they have a tough job ahead of them and they’ll give up before they make a huge dent.

Resistant to Drumming

A woodpecker is attracted to natural wood for drumming, which is an activity they enjoy to mark their territory in your area. It involves rapid pecking of a wood surface to make themselves known and even attract mates.

Because the exterior layer of James Hardie fiber cement is not easily-penetrable natural wood, your local woodpeckers will be less interested in choosing your siding as their favorite drumming location.

When you choose James Hardie fiber cement siding, you’re giving woodpeckers a reason to leave your yard and be active elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

Choosing James Hardie siding for your home can prove beneficial in many ways. It allows you to reduce the impact of woodpeckers while also preventing them from taking an interest in your home in the first place. Simple prevention from woodpecker activity is the cheapest siding repair Portland has to offer.

Opt for James Hardie for siding that is long-lasting, durable, and even weather-resistant. Cedar may be a magnet for pests, but fiber cement helps you blend in and avoid damage. Call a siding contractor in Portland, OR to see what options may be best for you.