Installing or repairing siding can be as stressful as purchasing a home or launching a business. It’s often costly, especially if you’re getting major work done. It’s a major part of your home’s defense against the elements, so there’s a lot of pressure to get the best materials.

So how do you get the best siding in a city like Portland, OR? It starts with finding the best Portland roofing contractors and siding professionals. Below are a few tips for vetting roofing contractors in Portland, OR, and getting your home the high-quality work it deserves.

1. Are They Qualified?

First, you’ll need to know what you can expect from a roofing and siding contractor in Portland, OR.

A good Portland siding contractor should provide:

  • A free home inspection
  • A full discussion of your needs and how they’ll address them
  • Proof of training and certification for all their workers
  • Warranty information in writing

These are all legitimate concerns for homeowners, and the best providers of siding and roof repair in Portland, OR, are happy to make these incentives part of their services. If you’re unsure if the siding company in Portland you’re considering offers these guarantees, don’t be afraid to ask.

2. Do They Come Recommended?

Close friends and family are your best reference points when looking for Portland roofers and siders. People who have had work done on their homes have lived to see how well it holds up and know how much it cost, how good the service was — all the important things you’re trying to gauge from local siding companies.

Ask around. Get recommendations. And be ready to help your loved ones out when you’ve found a good service.

3. Are Their Past Projects Thriving in the Area?

Most siding pros and roofers in Portland have a polished website that showcases examples of their past work. Checking out the portfolio is a good start. Driving by locations and see these properties in person is even better.

If a siding and roofing company in Portland, OR, is proud of its work, it’ll want it to be on display. If you can’t find any examples and the business won’t provide them, look elsewhere.

4. What Siding Materials Do they Recommend?

The materials used for your siding will have a long-term impact on how secure your house is. Doing a bit of research into which siding materials are suited to the local climate and average costs in your area will only give you more information to discuss with a potential contractor.

Knowing the best Portland siding materials can also help you tell if a company is using poor-quality or outdated materials for your siding repairs.

5. Will They Perform Waste Removal?

Nobody wants to be left with a dirty property and a huge pile of debris after siding repair in Portland. So ask the contractor to guarantee that they will clean up all waste created by their work — and get this in writing.

It’s the contractor’s responsibility, but unscrupulous businesses will stay quiet and hope you never raise the subject. Don’t take that chance and be left with a mess to deal with.


If a Portland siding company can provide:

  • Examples of high-quality past work
  • Accreditation for its staff
  • A written guarantee of quality
  • A full and honest discussion of the materials it will use and the installation process

…then they’re worth your time. A recommendation from someone close to you is a big plus.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of any services or costs.