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Siding Woodland WA

When the siding on your house begins to show signs of old age and is weather-beat, you need to find a good siding contractor to replace or repair it for you. Living in Woodland, WA, a PNW region, means a constant struggle with extreme weather conditions. Without good siding, your entire house is at risk of damage. 

Call KVN Construction, and you can put all your siding worries to rest. We are the most experienced and trusted siding contractors with more than 20 years of service throughout Washington. Our team is always ready to offer you the most exclusive siding services to improve your home's curb appeal. 

We use high-quality materials with a focus on durability and strength. Our siding installers understand the weather in this region very well, which is why they promise a good job.

Siding in Woodland, WA

The siding installation process can be quite challenging. You need someone who can have the materials installed safely and professionally. And that is where KVN Construction comes in. 

These residential homes in Woodland, WA, needed siding repairs and replacements. So, the owners approached our Portland Roofing and siding contractor for inspection and advice. Our team was quick to react and got to work immediately. 


The first step of the project was a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage and plan an efficient project. Some of the homes had very old siding that was weather-beat and required replacement. Most were affected by dry rot and mode, which was becoming a health risk even to the owners. Our workers used advanced technology and safety gear for this assessment before presenting a detailed report and recommendations. 

Fixing the issues

We did a fantastic job replacing the sidings and repairing any areas that required quick fixes. We have been offering this service for over two decades now, so we understand what every home needs. 

For most of the houses, we started by tearing off the old siding and then laying a new hydro layer for extra protection. This outstanding material will keep the siding strong for many years. It eliminates moisture that could be trapped inside the siding, preventing mold and dry rot. 

Some of these houses only needed to be painted to restore their glory. Our team was ready to deliver an outstanding job until every project was completed efficiently and on time. 

Our Material Choice

PNW areas like Woodland, WA, Vancouver, WA, Battle Ground, WA, and Ridgefield, WA, face extreme weather throughout the year. And that is why homeowners need to be well advised on the material choice. Many siding and roofing companies will not mind using just any material – but we do. 

We rely on James Hardie products at our company, which do a fantastic job in these conditions. We deal with a lot of rainy seasons here, which can adversely affect any siding when not installed correctly or with the right materials.

We recommend James Hardie siding because:

It handles the weather conditions much better

Here in Woodland, homes face harsh sun rays and heavy rains. It's your home's exterior that takes most of the beating. James Hardie fiber cement siding can last for many years through these conditions, better than other materials.

It's most preferred in Woodland, WA

A majority of homes in Washington city have James Hardie siding. This is mainly because it is warranted to never create dry rot or leaks if properly installed. There are only so many companies so confident about their products.


Since our homes' exterior faces the harshest weather conditions here in the PNW, it is vital to have durable and high-quality products to prevent future issues from ever occurring. James Hardie products come with such guarantees. You can be sure your house will stand the trial of time.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has specialized in this area for over 20 years (with zero claims), so we know exactly how to install exterior products on your cherished home. Our crew will check other parts of your property, including the roof, the decks, the windows, and everything else that requires checking to make you feel confident. 

If, for instance, your house requires a new roof before the siding, our team will get the roofing installed in a timely fashion, taking the worry from your shoulders. Or perhaps your home needs a new paint job – we will recommend it accordingly.

Some of the homes we worked on initially had vinyl siding, while others had cedar siding. We changed both options for the James Hardie because we know it's the best currently on the market. Our crew showed up early, ready to take on the challenge as the customers followed keenly. We are glad to say that for each project completed and the house painted, we leave with delighted customers and an even greater looking home. 

In short, we are thorough and trustworthy. Besides that, here are other reasons why you should hire us:

We are highly experienced

We have been offering high-quality siding construction services for more than two decades. Therefore, you can be sure we know what your house needs.

We are thorough

Our siding installers will always do due diligence before working on any project. This ensures we follow a thoughtful process that ends with a long-lasting siding. We will explain the whole process from the time you contact us to the end of the project.

We are fast and efficient

It can be a nightmare to remodel your home's exterior. Just thinking about siding repairs alone can scare any property owner, let alone a full installation. Don't worry; we will finish the project quickly so that you and your family can resume your lives. It will take about a week or less to complete the job.

We are professional

"The guys at KVN Construction answer all my questions. They were able to explain everything from the beginning to the end, keeping in informed." This is one of the many possible comments we have received from our esteemed customers because we hold professionalism in high regard. 

Aside from these reasons, we value our customers very much, which is why we have the most advanced customer support system. You can contact us for inquiries on our pricing and services, and you will be assisted immediately. 

Pick up that phone and call us. Our crew will show up in time to get that new siding or roofing installed efficiently. Get your free estimate today as we schedule the project.