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Woodburn, OR Siding Contractors

Are you looking for the best siding contractors in Woodburn, OR? Look no further. Here at KVN Construction, we value our customers are will do everything to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our expertise extends to all types of siding material.

Whether it’s wood siding, vinyl siding, or James Hardie siding, we have the team and equipment to deliver the best service. No wonder we are the top choice for those needing the best siding contractor Oregon city.

We are a locally owned family business with roots in every part of Oregon. We are the team to call from simple siding repairs to full siding replacement to full exterior services. Our 20+ years of experience make us one of the top siding contractors in this region.

Call us today and let us know your needs. Our team is ready to make your dream home with our exclusive siding services.

Top Siding Woodburn OR

There are several siding companies in Woodburn that promise the best services but may not deliver. When you are looking for a competent team to work on your house siding, always consider the experience and competence of that company. Some homeowners make the mistake of going for any company that appears on the search engine results page.

At KVN Construction, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality services. Through excellent customer service, we have established a community of homeowners that only trust our company. Our services are founded on honesty, integrity, and reliability.

If you have lived in Woodburn for a long time, you should know how challenging the weather can get here. The PNW region experiences heavy rains throughout the year. And during summer, the scorching sun can get scorching. These conditions subject your house to a serious test. And it’s the siding that takes the most hit.

You may not be concerned about the exterior when your home is calm and quiet inside. And yet it’s a very important part of your home. You may never have to worry about it much if you let expert Woodburn siding contractors work on your home.

Siding in Woodburn

Our siding services are highly reviewed and recommended because we always do a fantastic job leaving satisfied customers. Quality craftsmanship begins by recommending and picking the highest quality materials. Our team will always recommend using James Hardie products.

Since we are a local company, we understand a great deal of rainy seasons residents of this region face. And because we want the best for our customers, we can never recommend anything less.

As a locally owned business, we strive to make all homeowners in Woodburn feel comfortable and confident with their properties. Most homes here, especially those we have worked on, have James Hardie siding.

This siding is most preferred due to the following reasons:

It guaranteed never to create dry rot or leaks

Dry rot is one of the most significant issues that property owners face. This happens when moisture accumulates behind the siding, causing mold and dry rot. Leaks can also lead to these issues. James Hardie siding is guaranteed to keep them at bay.


This is one of the most durable building materials on the market. It can give you more than 30 years of service if properly installed. You may not need new siding or any repairs for a long time.


When choosing a siding material, we always check and confirm its quality. We have been working with this material for many years and have never received many complaints. Our entire team works hard to ensure it remains that way.

Excellent performance

We have installed James Hardie fiber cement siding on many homes in Oregon city with zero claims. For more than 20 years, we have focused on delivering long-lasting siding solutions.

Glad to say that we leave extremely happy and satisfied customers for each project completed. The homes will look new after an expert team has worked on the installation.

How to Choose Siding contractors in Woodburn

The number of siding contractors and sub-contractor has been rising steadily over the past few years in Oregon City. This might sound great, but it also means finding the right team to hire may not be very easy. The last thing you want is to spend more on renovations because you did not hire the best company for the job.

We have highlighted several factors to consider, especially if this is our first time:


Is the company trustworthy to do quality work? Can they deliver the job in a professional manner? Do they have the right team and equipment for the job? Answering these questions will give you good company.

You can check for verified reviews from homeowners’ resources. Such information and reviews should lay the best foundation for hiring someone that will do an excellent job.

Popular services

What services does the contractor offer? When hired to work on the siding, will they also check the roof, the windows, and other parts of the house as part of the job? What if your home needs a new deck? Will they install one for you?

As a property owner, you need to hire a siding professional who understands how to install new siding and offers other services to improve your home. A good contractor will make it part of the project to make your home as appealing as possible.


Always go for a siding company that performs the work given in the most professional manner. You can tell such a company from the way they handle you when you call. A good siding installer will have an excellent customer support system that will answer all your questions. Also, the team will never leave the job site until you are satisfied.


How long has the company been on the market? How many homes have they worked on? What is the size of its team, and what siding materials are they familiar with? How will long will it take to get the new siding installed?

Experience plays a crucial role in the reputation of a siding company. They will finish the entire process in a timely manner, allowing you to resume your life as soon as possible.


Should you hire local pros or find someone from a different city? We recommend hiring someone who understands the local weather. The company will know all the popular suggestions to make your home more appealing and durable.

Why Choose Us

KVN construction has been in business for more than 20 years now. We are a local, family-operated business with a deep understanding of the local weather. You can trust us with your next home project because we know exactly what you need, and we will do everything to meet your goals.

Our focus on customer satisfaction with each siding installation has kept us growing stronger. Our team promises top-quality work, remodeling the whole house when we need to.

All our services are high quality and yet very affordable. You can call us for a free estimate today and compare notes with bids. We have successfully completed many siding projects in Oregon with top-notch professionalism.

We are thorough in our job. We take great pride in the number of verified reviews our customers leave after every service. We will work on your new deck, give your home a new painting and do much more to restore your home’s glory.

Efficiency is another factor that makes us the most trusted company. Your siding project will be completed in the shortest possible time while ensuring we don’t exceed your budget. Call us from your current location, and our team will be there within a short time.

Our services

Here are the services you can call us for:

Siding installation

We will assign you a project manager who will stay at the work site until it’s completed. They will answer all your questions and resolve your concerns. The project manager will ensure the following:

●       You get the best material for the job. We don’t use just any material. This is one of the factors that make us a great company.

●       Labor and material costs are within your budget. We don’t want you to incur extra costs because of misappropriation.

●       The design on your siding. How do you want the siding to look? The project manager should be able to answer this question.

You can also get additional comments about that specific project whenever you need them in writing. Improper siding installation leads to expensive repairs – we don’t want that for you.

Siding repair

Exterior repairs are necessary on old siding. These are the best option after accidental damage. Call us, and we will consider every detail using high-quality materials.

Siding replacement

You may need a siding replacement when repairs can longer hold your home. Some siding companies may only be looking for benefits by giving you the wrong information. Our team will be honest about the status of your house. If it’s something that can be fixed, we will do so. But if it needs a replacement, we will do it diligently.

Dry rot remediation

Dry rot and mold affect many homes in the PNW region. If not controlled early, it can spread through your walls and affect the whole house, forcing you to spend more on repairs. Call us for an inspection, and we will check for rot in your property and suggest a cost-effective solution.

 Call us today, or visit us on Pacific Hwy. We will ensure all your questions on the price of new sidings or repairs are answered. We can then schedule your next siding project to give your home a new look.