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Siding contractor Wilsonville OR

You should never take chances when it comes to your home’s exterior. The material used and how it’s installed determines the experience you will have with your siding. And that’s why you must always hire the most competent siding contractor.

At KVN Construction, we are dedicated to delivering the most durable and attractive siding services. We are the number #1 siding contractor in Wilson, Oregon, with a keen eye for customer satisfaction. 

Whether you want repairs on your vinyl siding or new fiber cement siding installations, we are the team to call. Our work speaks for itself. It’s no wonder most of our customers are repeat referrals. 

We strive to be the most reliable and to-go-to Wilsonville siding contractors. For more than 20 years, we have been serving this area, offering residents a chance to have incredible siding on their homes. 

So, if you are looking for the top siding contractors in Wilsonville, you are right home. Call us to repair your cedar siding or install brand-new material that will last for many years.

Siding in Wilsonville, OR

Wilsonville, OR, is one of the best places to live. It offers homeowners an incredible experience.

However, the weather can be a bit overwhelming if you are not used to it. And that is why we recommend using the best siding material. 

As the local siding contractor, we understand what your home needs. Every siding job we have completed has taught us better ways of serving our customers. 

Most homeowners here prefer James Hardie siding because it offers excellent durability and handling of the natural elements. Homes that have used these materials in their siding replacement have never regretted it.

Why Siding Contractors in Wilsonville Recommend James Hardie Products

Whether it’s a new siding job or you just need simple siding repair work, you need materials that will not disappoint you after a few months. Thus, we highly recommend going with James Hardie products at our company. 

We are located in the Pacific Northwest, where we get to deal with a lot of rainy seasons. Here in Wilsonville, the majority of the homes also have James Hardie siding. 

Here are some of the factors that make these materials the best option for you:

Warrantied to never create dry rot or leaks

Leaks cause mold growth, which leads to dry rot. James Hardie products offer the best protection against such issues if properly installed. We have installed Hardieplank siding on many homes here, and the homeowners seem to enjoy this warranty.

Extremely durable

The exterior of our homes faces the harshest weather conditions here in the PNW. Hence, it is vital to have durable and high-quality products to prevent future issues from ever occurring. James Hardie products are designed to handle the harshest weather conditions.

We Can Do it for You

Our team has specialized in this area for over 20 years (with zero claims). Therefore, we know exactly how to install exterior products on your cherished home. All our customers enjoy working with our teams because we promise and deliver the best experience. 

Glad to say that for each project completed, we leave with extremely satisfied customers. You can be sure of an even greater-looking home at the end of the service.

Types of Siding in the Wilsonville Area

It is always important to hire a locally owned company because they understand better the types of siding material fit for your home. KVN Construction was established and operated right here in Portland. Take our word for it when we say we have got you covered. 

There are many siding materials today. Some promise lifetime exteriors, while others are not very effective. We will help you choose the right one. 

Here are the popular materials

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is among the most popular choices in Wilsonville, Oregon, due to its longevity and affordability. A siding contractor can find the entire project within the shortest time possible, saving you many costs. Also, it requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials. 

Many brands offer this siding, be we recommend James Hardie because they have a proven track record of top quality and excellent customer service. You can be sure your house will withstand the weather pressures for many years.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie is a reputable and leading manufacturer of fiber cement material. The products are durable and affordable. They are perfectly designed for the local weather. 

KVN Construction is an Elite Preferred James Hardie Installer. We will get your siding installed properly and professionally. Our years of expertise in installing high-quality siding materials should make you comfortable hiring us.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is another great option. It’s easy to install and offers low-maintenance properties. A vinyl siding repair is often a quick and inexpensive job. 

However, unlike most siding materials, vinyl cannot be painted. But it still delivers an attractive exterior, which is why it’s extremely popular in many parts of Oregon.

LP Siding

You need someone who can properly install LP siding if you want it to last. We don’t typically offer it in our services since we consider James Hardie a superior choice. However, we do repairs for LP siding, as you can see from our past projects.

Share your project details, and you can be sure our crew will do an outstanding job. We have a long list of satisfied customers because we never take chances with your beautiful home. 

Contact us today to learn why we recommend James Hardie above other brands. It’s all about assuring quality work to every customer.

Our Siding Services

We are a locally owned and operated business focusing on superior exterior systems installation. Our work is not done yet if we don’t believe we have done an excellent job. We only when the customer is 100% satisfied. 

When hiring a general contractor, you need someone who can do the assigned job properly. You can only get that from the services they offer and where they serve. A siding installer from a different city may not know the local conditions properly.

And that’s why we recommend going for our company. Every siding contractor on our team is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Contact us for the following services:

Siding Installation

Improper installation is among the main reasons you will be spending on expensive repairs. When water damage hits, it can affect the entire house. 

And that’s why you need someone who understands the region. When you arrange a project with us, you will get a dedicated project manager to take over the job from the start to the end, assuring top quality and accountability. 

We only hire and use a professional team to ensure every installation is done accordingly. This is because we take great pride in customer satisfaction. We will even arrange a walk-around with you to inspect the finished work.

Siding Repair

Are you looking for a siding repair in Oregon or the surrounding areas like Clackamas County? Contact KVN Construction. We will offer an inspection to determine whether you need a repair or a full replacement job. 

Siding repairs are recommended after accidental damage, like impact from falling materials. You may also require repair jobs for wear and tear after many years.

Siding Replacement

A complete siding replacement is among our popular suggestions for old, worn-out, and severely damaged walls. Honesty is one of the pillars that hold our services. Therefore, we will give honest reports after an inspection and share the best costs.

We understand some roofing and siding companies may just want to make a quick buck and will suggest anything that suits them. Here we stake our reputation on every task entrusted to us. 

Get in touch with us today for a siding repair job.

Dry Rot Remediation

Water leakage and moisture can lead to dry rot. It can spread to the entire wall. Unless you have a brick wall on your home, it’s crucial to check it, as it can make the property unsafe to live in and cost thousands to repair. 

Dry rot is a constant threat to homes in the PNW. It can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you are not well-prepared for it. Luckily, we are here to help you. 

Hire our highly skilled team to make your siding watertight and prevent such issues.

Hire the Best Siding Contractor Wilsonville, OR

We understand there are many other siding contractors in the area. But not all of them are reliable.

Here are some of the reasons to hire us: 

We specialize in full exterior renovations. Here at KVN Construction, we are more than just a siding contractor. You can also call us for roofing, door and window replacement, painting, and many other services. We will replace those broken windows as we handle the siding. 

Licensed, bonded, and insured. Your home’s siding requires a trustworthy installer. You can only get trust and reliability from a licensed, bonded, and insured company. We are that company. 

Excellent customer service. Our entire team is highly knowledgeable about different siding needs. Ask us anything concerning fiber cement, wood pulp, engineered wood, cedar, or any other siding, and we will answer it. This is how we assure top-notch customer support. 

What are you waiting for? Call us today for all your exterior renovation and home remodeling needs, and we will help you.