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Roofing Companies Washougal WA

Are you looking for the most trusted and reliable roofing contractors in Washougal, WA? You have come to the right place. At KVN Construction, we have been offering high-end roof repair, replacement, and installation services in this region for many years. We understand what homes in WA need, and we will ensure you get it. 

We offer both residential and commercial roofing services at the most affordable prices. We have been rated the best roofing company because we take the time to understand our customers’ roofing needs and use every available method to deliver a good job. 

Call us for any roofing services, and you can be sure we will deliver. Whether it’s a new roof installation or repairing the existing one, we have the team and the tools to do it efficiently.

What Do Roofing Companies in Washougal Do?

When looking for roofing services, it’s important to understand the services they offer. This will help you to make a more informed decision and perhaps get a better deal on different services.

Experienced roofer handles the following services:

  • Leak repairs. A leaking flat roof can cause a lot of damage if not handled in good time. Call our Washougal roofing for leak detection and repairs. We do this to ensure you don’t have to spend more when the problem grows bigger.
  • Roof repairs. When you start noticing leaks on your roof, you might need an experienced roofer to have a look. A good company will check the entire roof to repair leakages, replace missing shingles and do much more. In case of water damage, the company will recommend the best approach to get a new roof or repair it effectively.
  • Roof cleaning and moss removal. When your roof starts accumulating dirt, it will easily face mold growth. Roof and gutter cleaning services can help you to handle such issues much faster. The aim is to avoid more damage on your roof that could become more demanding by keeping the roof clean.
  • Roof replacement. Simple roof repair services may no longer apply when your existing roof starts showing signs of old age. You will need a roofing material installed so that you can continue enjoying a safe home. Your old roof may lead to major problems for the entire house if not handled properly.
  • New roof installation. New residential and commercial buildings will need a good roof. You need to hire a reputable company experienced in such weather.
  • Roof inspection. You can save a lot of money on roof repairs if an issue is detected in good time. Hire an experienced roof inspector to look at your home and recommend the best ways to keep it in great condition. Such services are an important part of proper roof maintenance.

There are many other services you can get from a Washougal roofing company. For instance, a local roofing company can offer advice on how to take good care of your roof. Or perhaps you want something new over your old shingles – such a company can help you.

How to Choose Roofing Companies in Washougal WA

With so many roofing companies on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right company. We have highlighted some of the factors to consider. They include the following:

Roofing services

The first and perhaps most important consideration is the services they offer. Go through the company’s profile and look at what they offer. The most popular services include:

Residential and commercial roofing. These will include roof replacement, roof repairs, roof installation, and similar services. Choose a company that has done several projects in the region and can show it.

Inspection and cleaning services. Roof maintenance can be quite demanding. It can be hard to notice broken tiles, missing shingles, and other roof issues in good time. Choose a roofing company that also offers inspection and cleaning services.

Aside from that, a company that offers a free consultation to a customer is a worthy consideration. It means they care more about their clients than just making money.


We advise you to choose a locally owned roofing company for your Pacific Northwest roof. As you already know, PNW areas like Brush Prairie, Washougal, Battle Ground, and Vancouver, WA, face extreme rains and sunny seasons. This puts a lot of pressure on the roof, potentially causing serious damage. A local company will do an awesome job identifying the best material for such weather.


While some people say experience does not matter, we recommend you consider it carefully. Expert roofers should have several years of experience in their service area. So, choose a company with at least 15 years of working on different roofing systems.


A roof work requires transparency and trustworthiness. Choose a company with a well-laid plan for the whole process. If the company offers free estimates, the final price should fall within that range. Above all, the company should promise and deliver a beautiful job.

The Most Reliable Washougal Roofing Contractors

KVN Construction has been offering high-quality roofing services in Washougal for over 20 years. We have grown into the most trusted and professional roofing company in the region. You can trust us because we are local, reliable, and knowledgeable to meet all your roofing needs. 

No job is too small or too big for our roofers. We promise a phenomenal job when working on part or the whole roof so that you don’t waste time calling the roofer too often. Let us fix your roof issues in a timely manner so that you can continue with your normal life.

Roofing Washougal, WA, Project

We live in the Pacific Northwest, where we deal with harsh conditions all year. You should always be ready for heavy rains, hailing, frost, ice, and harsh sun in summer. The roof, like any part of your home’s exterior, is constantly put to the test.

It’s crucial that you avoid calling a roofing contractor every time the weather knocks on your door. And you can only achieve this by hiring the most trusted and experienced roofer. 

That is exactly what we offer here at KVN Construction. We specialize in this area, offering roofing solutions that are sure to last long. 

Here are some of the factors that make us reliable:

We Are Passionate About Our Services

When you call us to fix minor issues on your roof, we will follow the same standards as we would installing a new roof. We love what we do and want to ensure our customers enjoy our services too. We remove the old shingles and give your home a new face, fix the water leak issues, install a new skylight, check attic ventilation and do much more.

We Are Efficient

Our team understands the importance of customer satisfaction. All our employees are highly trained to handle every task that comes our way in the most professional and efficient manner. We ensure you follow up on the whole process from the start to the end, asking questions wherever possible.

We Use the Best Material

We primarily work with Malarkey shingles, which offer a minimum of 30 – 45 years limited warranty. The shingles are made with few components, the primary one being rubberized asphalt. As such, it has great resistance against extreme weather conditions. 

Apart from offering great performance, Malarkey reduces waste in landfills. Rubber and plastics can be up-cycled to ensure they don’t end up in landfills. Also, the material features “SMOG-reducing granules” that clean the air and are eco-friendly.

We Are Thorough

We never leave after every project is complete until our customer is fully satisfied. They are always happy knowing their roof is in great condition and that they are also helping the environment. Also, we do a thorough cleaning job after completing the installation so that you can easily continue with your life.

We Make Things Easy

We ensure our clients face no obstacles when seeking our services. Our crew works hard to give you an easy time. Simply call to schedule a roofing service, get a free quote, and then let our team do the rest. The whole project will take the shortest time possible.

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Call us today for roof installation, repair, replacement, and related services. We don’t install gutters, but we will ensure you have a clean roof that will last the maximum period. We have the best team and equipment to give your home a new face. We also offer Washougal siding services, which can come as part of your home remodeling project.