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Are you looking for a siding contractor that will do a fantastic job on your property? You have come to the right place. KVN Construction is your trusted Portland siding and roofing company with more than two decades on the market. You can be sure our team will do an awesome job covering your house. 

Our home services have been tested, certified, and approved for the highest standards. Our expert roofing and siding team will make you happy before leaving the working area. 

Call us today for your siding needs in Tanasbourne, Happy Valley, Forest Groove, and other areas of Oregon. You will get a free estimate as we create the perfect schedule for the project. We are here to deliver a positive experience, giving you a siding that is sure to last for many years. Visit us physically on main st. Portland to get a one-on-one customer care experience.

Siding in Tanasbourne, OR

The siding is one of the most important parts of the house in Vancouver, St Portland, Beaverton, and other areas near Tanasbourne. These areas are in the Pacific Northwest region that experiences tough weather conditions all year round. Hence, the quality of the siding materials you choose matters a lot. 

KVN Construction has become the leading siding contractor in the region because we understand what it takes to offer a great service. We choose the materials carefully, from the siding itself to the painting, ensuring you don't have to call the contractor all the time.

What siding materials are good for Tanasbourne homes?

We highly recommend using James Hardie products at our company. As stated above, we are located in the PNW, where we deal with a lot of rainy seasons. Hence, your house needs materials to protect it effectively against such harsh conditions.

In Tanasbourne, the majority of homeowners go for James Hardie siding. However, choosing the right material is barely enough. You need a company that will complete the project in time and gives your home the best look. 

If installed properly, these materials are warranted never to create dry rot or leaks. And since your home's exterior faces the harshest conditions, it is vital to get such durable and highest-quality products. It's our business to ensure you never face any future issues. 

Call us today for free estimates. Our team is ready to offer a great service and give your house the best look possible. We will do all the hard work, from preparation to siding installation to the paint job, until you are satisfied.

Why Choose Us for Siding Tanasbourne, OR?

At KVN Construction, we understand there are so many siding contractors in Oregon. Hence, you may be overwhelmed in choosing the best one. However, that should no longer be a problem since we are the number #1 choice.

Our Services

Tanasbourne is one of the most attractive residential areas. It has great amenities and promises a serene environment. You want your home to have the best siding to enjoy such offers. Hence, hiring a company specialized in such services is crucial.

Call KVN Construction for the following:

Siding installation

Are you putting up a new house but don't know where to get the best siding? Well, don't worry anymore. Our team of highly experienced siding installers is here to give your home everything it needs to stand out.

Siding replacement

When the siding on your house reaches the end of its life, no repair service can fix it. You may need a full siding replacement. And for that, too, you must hire an expert who will inspect the falling siding and offer the best recommendations. We will replace your siding where necessary, restoring your house to its glory.

Siding inspection

The best way to avoid major siding issues it handles them as soon as you notice a small problem. And you can only highlight such issues through a regular inspection. Call us for a siding inspection, and you can avoid spending a lot of money on major repair tasks.


Painting is a good way to handle siding maintenance. Tanasbourne homeowners trust our team for such services. As professionals on this market, we will recommend the best paint for your house or a new siding if you need one.

Windows, doors, roofing, and insulation

Part of our great service is to ensure your house is as homely as possible. And that is why we may expand the project to look at other parts of the house, including the windows, doors, and roof. We don't do gutters, but we will ensure your property is ready to handle the harshest weather conditions.

We Are Experienced

We are a family-owned business that has specialized in the PNW area for more than 20 years with zero claims. We, therefore, know how much it means to have the best exterior products installed on your cherished home. We have left extremely satisfied customers with an improved home with every successful project completed.

We Are Flexible, Transparent, and Affordable

We know that siding projects can be expensive. Some companies may take advantage of this and offer services that may not be to your satisfaction. KVN Construction aims to get rid of such issues. We are siding professionals who will do everything by the book and let you know everything as it happens. If you have budget issues, let's discuss your options, and we will deliver a clean job without wasting your money. It all starts with you calling us to schedule our service.

Friendly Customer Care

Communication is a crucial pillar of our services. And that is why we have established a professional customer care team trained to handle every customer in the highest regard. When you call, there will always be somebody on the other end waiting to answer your question. Our friendly crew is quick to react and ensure you get more than just the service you requested.

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We specialize in siding and other home exterior services that make Tanasbourne homes stand out. Contact us now to schedule your next siding project, and we will do the rest. Even if you just want to inquire and get free quotes for comparison, we will ensure you get it.