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Roofing Contractors SW Portland OR

KVN Construction prides itself on being the most experienced and trusted Portland roofing company. We have been offering high-quality roofing services in the region for over 20 years. Therefore, we understand what your home needs. 

Our roofing company is dedicated to delivering great customer satisfaction with every project. We are the to-go-to roofing contractors when you need roof replacement, installation, and repair services.
Every successful roofing project has been a great learning opportunity. Not many roofing companies can claim to offer the quality of services we do. 

So if, you need your roof replaced or just a new roof on that upcoming construction project, you have come to the experts. Call today and get a free estimate as we plan for your next roofing project.

Roofing Project in Southwest Portland, OR

Excellent customer service is one of the key pillars that hold our service. We focus on using the highest quality materials so that you don’t have to keep spending on roofing repairs after a few years.

It’s typical to get inquiries and concerns about roofs here at KVN Construction. This is because we live in the PNW where we have constant rain seasons. Not to worry though since we specialize in just that. We promise a fantastic job when you hire us to work on your home.

This homeowner contacted us because their roof was worn out and had been weathered down from the sun and rain. A simple roof repair could not have fixed the problem.

Here is what our team did:


Installing a new roof is more than just removing the old one and putting on another. A thorough inspection is important since it helps us to know the damage extent. Hence, for this roof, our roofers started by assessing the situation.
Here is what we discovered:

Improper ventilation

We assessed the situation and noticed that the roof of this home was not properly ventilated. They could cause some serious damage in the attic. When airflow is trapped inside the attic or crawl space, it can cause humidity which leads to mold and dry rot. And since heat rises, the attic is usually the room that suffers.

Old age

This roof had seen the best of days. It was not worn and beaten down by harsh weather conditions.
It was time to get a new material in place to give this customer better sleep at night.

Fixing the Problems

We have always promised complete satisfaction to our customers before starting any roof work. We deliver by ensuring they follow up on every step of the roofing process.
The fixing work started on a high note. We did the following:

Setting the ventilation

Every home needs to be properly ventilated; otherwise, condensation will accumulate on the inside. This may cause some major issues that could mess with the original framing of the house. We quickly addressed this issue, ensuring there was proper airflow.

We measured and calculated exactly how many roof vents were needed for this home. We included this in the project, ensuring the roof settled on solid ground that was properly ventilated.

The renovation

After fixing the ventilation, our roofer quickly began the process of the renovation. We tore off the former roof and installed the Malarkey asphalt shingles.
We use Malarkey shingles because:

  • They are the highest quality roofing materials in this region. The products are perfectly designed for the local weather.
  • Durable. The shingles are warranted to last 30 years. That is how confident the company is about its products, and they never disappoint.
  • Most popular. Most homes in Portland, Oregon have, Malarkey shingles because they are easy to install and long-lasting.

It is safe to say this lovely roof and attic were addressed before any real damage had occurred. The final product looked amazing, and the homeowners were very satisfied with their newly renovated roof. they were grateful to leave their attic concerns in the past.

When To Call for Roofing Services

The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. You sleep soundly at night and stay without worry when it rains because of the roof. It takes the most hit from the environment. 

That is why you should never take chances with your roof installation project. Hire the best company that will use the highest quality roofing material that will last for ages and meet your roofing needs. 

However, no matter how good the material or installation is, roof repairs and replacements are inevitable. It comes a time when you must call a roofer. Here are such times:

Old Age

Most roofing companies recommend replacing the roof after 15 to 20 years. Many roofs in Southwest Portland, Oregon are asphalt shingles, which can only last for so long. The house itself will tell you when it needs a new roof installed. Call our roofers and you will never regret it.

Roof Leakage

When you see water stains on the ceiling, it's a sign to call your local Portland roofers. It is a sign of a roof leak and must be fixed immediately. A great roofing company will assess it thoroughly and recommend the best way of dealing with the situation.

Storm Damage

Disasters and accidents never announce when they arrive. You might an emergency new roof installation when the storm hits your home. This is a common problem in the Portland metro area. A storm may break a branch on a tree, and damage your roof. Luckily, you can always count on our locally-owned roofing company for quick solutions.

Missing Shingles

Fixing a missing shingle in time can make all the difference in your house. Ignoring such small issues can cost you a whole new roofing project. Call your local roofer for free estimates and to fix the problem.

Roof Maintenance

Most roofing companies in Oregon City recommend regular cleaning and other maintenance services on our roof. But since you may not have the equipment or skills for the job, it’s good to invest in a great company. This should give your roof a fighting chance against harsh climatic conditions.

Mold and Moss on the Roof

Mold and moss are a sign of danger on your roof – you need it cleared. It can damage your beautiful roof and cause health complications for the occupants of your house. A cleaning service will save you money otherwise spent on extensive repairs and possible re-roofing.

Roof Inspection

At KVN Construction, we offer free inspection services to our customers in Happy Valley West Linn and other Portland areas. An inspection can highlight small roof issues and resolve them before they become a real problem. This is part of our excellent service delivery to our clients.

Do you Need the Best Roofing SW Portland, OR? 

We are one of the most experienced and trustworthy roofers in Portland with many roofing projects to our name. As a family-owned company, we focus on delivering an excellent job on every project. That is why most of our customers are repeat referrals. 

Every member of our team is trained to remain extremely professional right from the initial meeting to the end of the project. It is all about doing an amazing job to leave every client extremely happy. 

Call us for a free estimate today to compare with other bids. You will realize with offer the best value by choosing the highest quality products for top-quality work. We are here to make your roofing dreams come true.