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Siding Salmon Creek WA

When it comes to finding the right siding for your house, you need someone who understands the market well. Siding installation may seem easy, but so much can go wrong. Hence, you need to be very careful how you choose siding companies. 

KVN Construction is one the most reliable siding contractors on the market. We have been offering these services for a long time with a focus on exceptional customer service. It's no wonder most of our customers are repeat referrals. No other company can offer the value we promise. 

As the most trusted Vancouver siding contractors, we understand the importance of choosing the right siding materials for your home. We recommend James Hardie siding products because they are the best on the market currently. The materials are durable, affordable, and offer better weather resistance.

Siding Project in Salmon Creek, WA

KVN Construction is the leading Vancouver siding contractor. Our company has been operating in this market for more than 20 years now. Every successful siding repair, replacement, or installation service has been a great opportunity for our growth.

Here is one homeowner in Salmon Creek who decided they wanted to upgrade their lovely. They skipped many other siding companies to contact the local pros at KVN Construction. And we did not disappoint them. 

Our business has been offering siding installation and repair services in this region for over two decades. Therefore we understand what every siding job requires. Our experience in the PNW area means we have what it takes to get your house where you want it to be. 

For this home, we needed to install a new fiber cement siding. Here is a breakdown of the whole project:


You can know a reliable siding contractor by their working methods. At KVN Construction, we follow a specific method to give our customers the most satisfying results. 

We started with a thorough inspection of the house. We discovered the following issues:

  • Poor installation - The house had vinyl siding that was not properly installed. The homeowner had called several other Vancouver siding repair services who might have made the situation worse. We realized one part of the house even had cedar siding.
  • Damaged siding - The siding materials mentioned above don't handle harsh weather conditions, as well as James Hardie siding. The one on this house was totally damaged, and nothing would help restore it but to replace it.
  • Dry rot - Due to poor water absorption, moisture had accumulated behind the siding, causing mold and dry rot. It would have caused more serious issues if the homeowner had continued using it.

With these issues alone, a siding replacement was investable. Our team was quick to sink into action to help the customer get a better home.

Tearing off the Old Siding

After inspection, our siding installers went on to start the project. We have been offering exterior repairs for many years, and this task was no different. Our installers went on to tear off the old, worn-out siding.

Preparing the Ground

A siding installed properly can last for a very long. It starts by checking the wall and laying the right foundation before beginning the installation. Here, we laid down the unique Hydro gap drainage house wrap, which is currently the best-performing on the market. The material effectively eliminates any excess moisture trapped behind the siding, keeping it dry at all times.

Installing the New Siding

We are very particular about the siding materials we choose for our customers. This is part of our superior customer service that has seen us grow from strength to strength. We choose the James Hardie cement fiber board. This is the most durable siding on the market today. 

We ensure an outstanding job by focusing on customer satisfaction through durable materials. We want to give our clients nothing but the best, which is why we highly recommend James Hardie products. They are: 

Durable – they can last for over 30 years if installed properly.

Low maintenance – you don't need to spend too much money on siding repairs since the material does not require much.

Strong – the products are known for handling tough weather better than any other.

Also, they come at a fair price and do an amazing job of protecting your house. As the most trusted siding contractors in Vancouver, we rely on these products to make our customers happy.


Once the siding material was installed, we went on to apply a coat of Sherwin-Williams paint as the final step of our renovation. We are proud to say the customer was very satisfied with the siding details and the final product. Our team cleared the area before leaving.

The Top Siding Contractors in Vancouver, WA

Salmon Greek, Clark County, Oregon City, Portland Metro, and Vancouver, Washington, are in the pacific northwest; extreme weather conditions are common. Heavy rains, ice, frost, and hailstorms during wet months and harsh sun during the warmer months may for more regular exterior repairs than normal need a WA siding contractor that understands such conditions. 

KVN Construction is that company. Our signature is on many Vancouver homes, identifiable in the level of precision and quality. You can rely on us for the following reasons:

Expert in a Variety of Siding Materials

We prefer using James Hardie plank siding in our services to other materials. However, we can still handle other siding problems. These include:

  • LP siding. If you need an LP siding replacement, give us a call, and we will make the arrangement. Our extensive exterior services include anything that would help improve your home's curb appeal.
  • Cedar siding. Transparency is one of the factors that set us apart from other contractors. We may not install cedar siding but will offer repair services.
  • Vinyl siding. A few Vancouver homes have vinyl siding. Call our WA siding contractor to fix any issues with it, and you can be sure of an amazing job.

Our services include:

  • New siding installation. Do you have a new building that needs a siding job? Call us today, and you can put your worries to rest. We offer the most exclusive exterior services, giving each customer a reason to smile.
  • Siding replacement. Is your home siding getting old? Hire us to work to replace it and give your whole house a facelift. We offer affordable replacement services with great customer service.
  • Siding repairs. If you notice issues with your siding material, call us for an inspection and repair. Our crew will show up on time and ensure the project is completed efficiently.
  • Other services. Apart from Vancouver siding services, you can also call us for a roofing job, window replacement, or anything else that touches your home's exterior.

Call us today and get a free estimate. You can also get in touch for a free consultation, even if we don't do the installation. We are all about helping our customers.

We Are Thorough and Efficient

When you call us, we appoint a dedicated project manager who will deliver the most satisfying finished product. Whether you are in Oregon City or anywhere else in Washington, the manager will stay on-site until the job is finished. We choose the best siding material and follow strict project details to ensure everything is covered. Every task begins with thorough preparation work and ends with the paint job as described above.

Experienced Siding Salmon Creek, WA

KVN Construction has been delivering top-quality siding services for over 20 years. We understand the siding problems homeowners face here. And since we are small business, we take time to focus on every detail of the project, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. 

Call us for a free estimate today and get a free quote. We will then schedule the best time to work on your home's exterior for a perfect siding job.

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