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Siding Contractor Newberg OR

KVN Construction is your trusted siding contractor specializing in all home exterior remodeling services. We offer the most exclusive siding services in Oregon and the surrounding areas. We have served this region for over two decades now, making us the most experienced and trusted service provider. 

Call us now for siding in Newberg, OR, and our team will appear on site in the shortest time possible. Whether you want simple repairs on your vinyl siding or a full installation of fiber cement siding, we are the team to hire.

Siding in Newberg, OR

A reliable siding installation begins with you hiring the best team for the job. We understand there are many siding services which could make it a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. 

At KVN Construction, we are not afraid to share our previous work, so you know exactly what you are paying for. This is why most of our customers are referrals and repeat. 

As the most trusted siding contractor, we use the highest quality material to ensure durability. Once installed, you can be your home will withstand all the elements and give you maximum lifespan. 

Here is a homeowner in Newberg, OR, who wanted a new looking on their property. A simple siding repair would not help, so they contacted local pros at KVN Construction. 

Here is how the project went down:


We believe in doing a thorough job to ensure the siding will hold its ground for many years. And that is why all our services begin with a thorough assessment. We aim to discover any underlying issues that could make it hard for the new siding to last. 

We assign a dedicated project manager who will answer all your questions, ensuring 100% satisfaction. And once the siding replacement job is done, you can be sure to look back and smile because the job is amazing.

Removing the old siding

We have successfully completed many siding projects in Oregon. Hence, we understand how hard it can sometimes be to get the job done right. 

For this home, the owner did not want to handle removing the old materials, even though it was an option. So they let us do all the work. 

The cedar siding on the home had seen the best of its life and was no longer viable. Removing it was easy because the weather quite beat it down.

The siding replacement begins

Finding the right material for your siding is crucial. There are several options on the market, but not all of them may be right for your specific needs.

At KVN Construction, we recommend choosing James Hardie siding materials. Since we are located in the Pacific Northwest, we deal with a lot of rainy seasons, which is why you need good material for your home. 

Never take chances regarding your home’s exterior since it protects you and your family. It’s, therefore, not just about improving the home’s curb appeal but handling the natural element. 

Here in Newberg, the majority of homes have James Hardie siding. We have been called several times to replace cracked cedar shake siding with this material once the homeowners realized its value. 

Here is why we recommend the materials: 

From a trusted company

James Hardie products are known across the region to offer the best performance. The company has been operating for many years and hence knows what’s best for this region. We have never received any complaints from all our siding projects where these products are used.

  • Warrantied never to create dry rot or leaks
    Dry rot is one of the major issues you need to worry about when installing new siding. A poorly done installation will cause water damage, which leads to mold growth, and, eventually, dry rot. James Hardie products don’t have such issues.
  • They withstand natural elements much better
    Durability is another crucial factor to remember during siding and window replacement projects. Many siding companies use James Hardie because it can withstand those harsh weather conditions much better than other materials, assuring durability. The home’s exterior in the PNW takes more hits from these conditions.
  • Durable and high quality
    The best siding contractors in Newberg will always recommend the highest quality materials to prevent future issues from affecting your home. And that is why they will go for this brand. It’s all about protecting the customer.

Finishing up

Our team got the new siding installed in the shortest time possible, allowing the customer to continue with their daily activities. Once installed, the home still needs a new coat of exterior painting, which our team delivered before cleaning the area. 

We are glad to say for each project completed, we leave the customers extremely satisfied and with an even greater looking home. This has always been our goal and has helped us to stay at the top.

What Makes Us The Top Siding Contractors?

It is always good to take your time and consider all the available siding companies before settling on one. Check the services they offer and some of the factors that make them unique. Here is what makes KVN Construction your ultimate choice.

Many Years Of Experience

We have been in the siding business for over 20 years with zero claims on our name. That means we know exactly how every siding work and how to install the best exterior products. We will transform your cherished home into a modern property so you can feel prouder.

Locally Owned And Detail-Oriented

We are a local company with roots in Portland Metro Area, Yamhill County, Newberg, Oregon, and all the surrounding areas. We are your most trusted siding pros with proper knowledge of North Pacific exteriors and everything they need.

We Use High-Quality Materials

Hardie board fiber cement is of the most common siding materials in the region. It’s for all home improvement projects. We use such materials to ensure your home's durability and top-notch performance. Our team will follow all project details to ensure an amazing job.

We Are Professional

Newberg homeowners trust us because they know our team will always do an amazing job. You get a free estimate when you call us, and then we assign a project manager who will lead the entire project. Unlike most contractors who may drag the job too far, our team has always finished early and ensured top-quality work.

We Promise An Excellent Customer Experience

Our team does not only properly install home siding or deliver quality repair work for every project, but they also ensure the customer is fully satisfied before leaving. All our services are established on a highly efficient customer support system. We will get your siding replaced or handle all your siding problems in the best way possible as you keep tabs on every step until the end.


All the work is done professionally, using high-quality materials, and at the most affordable prices. We aim to make every homeowner happy without breaking the bank for it. Call us now for a free estimate, and let’s fix your wall.

Our Services

Do you need siding services at your house or condo complex? We are the best team to hire.

Our home exterior remodeling services include:

  • Siding installation. We offer affordable siding installation services with prices calculated per square foot.
  • Siding repair. Does your house require some repair work? Call our team today, and let’s put your worries to rest.
  • Painting and maintenance. Call us to paint your wall and give the home many more years. We use the best paints on the market for durability.

Apart from siding services, we are also your local roofing experts. We can always check for issues on your roof and fix them to match the quality of your new siding.

Call Us Now

If you are a homeowner concerned about the status of your siding, give us a call, and we will take a look. We offer free consultation services to help our customers make more informed decisions.