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Siding Contractor NE Portland OR

The siding plays a crucial role in your house’s curb appeal. And that is why choosing the right siding contractor for your NE Portland Oregon home is crucial. 

We at KVN Construction take pride in being the most experienced and trusted siding contractors. We offer the highest quality siding services with a focus on customer satisfaction. 

Our company recommends using James Hardie plank siding because it’s the best on the market. We also work more with fiber cement siding materials, which can handle the local weather conditions much better. 

We value our customers. Thus, we ensure they get the highest quality siding services. Whether it’s a simple siding repair or the installation of a new siding, we are the best team to hire. We never leave until the customer is fully satisfied. 

We have served Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding area for over two decades now. Hence, we understand the stress homeowners face in this region. We will ensure you get the best material for your house. 

Call us for vinyl siding repairs, new siding installation services, and siding replacement services. We have the best team, experience, and equipment to complete your siding project in the shortest time possible.

About NE Portland

Finding the right siding material begins by understanding the local weather. This is because improperly installed siding and the wrong material can cause more harm than you would imagine. 

NE Portland is a popular area in the city of Portland that offers the best living conditions. It has many attractions such as the Rose Garden Basketball Arena, the Lloyd Center Mall, the Oregon Convention Center, and the Alberta Arts District. It is also just across the bridge from downtown and close to our neighboring state, Washington. That means NE Portland will keep you busy with many sights and lots of places to enjoy. Not to mention that the neighborhoods in NE Portland are one of the most desirable regions of the city. 

So, purchasing a home here in the Northeastern part of Portland would be ideal. Now, if you’re already familiar with this part of town you want the best for your house. So, if your home requires some repairs so that it can keep the standard of ideal home living, look no further. 

Our company specializes in homes in the Pacific Northwest. You can rest assured that your Portland home will be in great hands and turn out in top-notch quality that we can warranty will last for years. 

We are the most reputable siding and roofing contractors in this area. We chose high-quality siding materials for every project to ensure top quality. 

And if your home needs updating with some exterior paint, we have got your covered. Our specialization in exterior construction goes beyond what any other company can offer.

In Need of a NEW Siding NE Portland, OR?

You should never take chances when it comes to the quality of your home siding. Always go for the best Portland siding contractors because that is the only way you can be sure your home will handle the weather. 

KVN Construction has completed many siding projects here. And we never shy away from sharing our past projects to build confidence in our customers.

This home in NE Portland was in critical condition and need of new siding, so we delivered. They needed their home siding replaced, and our team did quality work that left the homeowner very happy.
Here is how the project unfolded:


We always start our siding work with a thorough inspection of the existing material. So, we started by checking how much damage this home had taken. We discovered the following issues:

Dry rot
The moisture barrier on this siding had broken, allowing water into the wall, which caused mold and dry rot. It was damaged beyond repair.

Old age

The siding has done a fantastic job protecting this home, but now it could no longer handle the pressure. Even repairs could not help.


One of the pillars that make us the best in Oregon City is great customer service. We live in the Pacific Northwest where we deal with a lot of rain. Thus, proper preparation is needed to install a siding that will last. This is how we assure customer satisfaction – by following a thorough process in our service delivery. 

So, for this home, we removed the rotten cedar wood. This is one of the most popular siding options in the region, but it’s not very durable.

Replacing the Siding

Our Portland siding restoration team then installed a new James Hardie siding to give it a clean sleek look. Pre-colored Hardie is always an option if you just want to get the project over with as soon as possible, which is what we did on this home. Super-fast and easy process since we did not have to paint over the new siding, which leaves our clients always satisfied.

We Specialize in NE Portland

We see homes like this all the time; beat up by the wind, rain, moisture intrusion, and hail due to our lovely climate here in the PNW. Good thing our company has been specializing in this area for more than 20 years now. So when a client like you trust us with their home, we know exactly how to take care of and treat it, to ensure the previous damage will never occur again. 

We take every job very seriously, to ensure the customer gets satisfying results. Since this is one of the popular locations where the weather can cause serious problems, we don’t take chances choosing the right material. We also use the latest technology, promising you a positive experience.

When To Call for Siding, NE Portland OR

Living in the PNW area means dealing with some of the most extreme conditions. Your siding takes most of the hit. Call us if you notice the following:

Old Siding

You will need a re-side on your home if your current wall is too old. Once the siding fails to handle nature’s elements, it becomes hard to protect your home. Call our team and we will give you new siding.

Water Damage

Broken pipes can cause serious damage that will force you to call for a Portland siding replacement. Ignoring this could lead to dry rot and other serious issues that could be a health risk.

Damaged Siding

Improper installation is a major threat to the durability of your siding. Call our team and you can be sure of an outstanding job. We are highly experienced in different styles of siding installation, delivering a job that meets your needs.

Rising Energy Bills

If you find yourself spending more than you usually do on energy bills, call your expert Portland siding contractor. Apartment buildings with wrong siding can cause a hike in energy consumption. The siding may have lost its insulation ability due to old age, and hence, need a replacement.

Call Us Today

KVN Construction is a popular name in NE Portland areas like Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and more. We are local, family-owned with a good understanding of the local weather. 

So, you can rest assured of an outstanding job on your house. 

We offer the most competitive pricing in the region. And each project comes with a dedicated project manager to answer all your questions and ensure the whole process goes smoothly. 

Apart from siding, we are also Malarkey-certified roofing contractors. So, you are in the right place if you need a new roof on your home. 

You can also rely on us for window replacement, or repairing doors. Our team has the experience and equipment to deliver the work. 

Call us now and schedule your next siding project. Our sale rep will come to your home as soon as possible for an assessment and set the plans in motion.