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Siding contractors Lake Oswego OR

KVN Construction comes as the most trusted siding contractors Lake Oswego OR. We have been on this market for more than 20 years, giving homeowners the perfect solutions for their properties. 

Our expertise in fiber cement siding, metal siding, wood siding, and brick siding makes us the most reliable team. Hiring us means investing in a company that will get new siding installed on your home professionally. 

Siding installation takes more than just a team. It requires proper knowledge of the materials and how to use them effectively. That means hiring a siding contractor that experienced and knowledgeable. We are that team.

About Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego is a beautiful and only lake south of Portland. This area is considered one of the finest residential regions in Oregon. 

First, the beautiful lake Oswego is artistically located within some of the state's biggest attractions. You will find it snugged among Mount Hood, the Columbia Gorge, the Oregon Coast, and the surrounding vineyards, forests, and farmlands. It's beautiful scenery that not only attracts homeowners but investors too. 

Above everything, Lake Oswego is a safe and friendly environment, engulfed in several eye-catching sites. It has some of the best-ranking schools, like the Lake Oregon School District. Your children will not luck an excellent place to get their education. 

If you trust this place enough to own a home, you need to make it stand out. That means trusting it in the hands of the most reputable siding contractors in Lake Oswego. 

At KVN Construction, we are known across the region for offering the highest quality siding services. Whether it's vinyl siding, metal siding, or siding replacement, we have a highly experienced team ready to take on the task. We have served Lake Oswego and the surrounding regions for more than 20 years, giving us the experience we need to understand this market.

Professional Lake Oswego Siding Contractors

We understand there are many siding contractors in Lake Oswego, which could make choosing the right one a bit challenging. Luckily, we have the team and the tools to meet your needs. We offer reliable exterior services in Lake Oswego with a keen eye on details.

Commercial Property Siding Replacement

Here is a project that we have worked on in this region that has left the owner very happy. This post office commercial building in Lake Oswego needed a new siding desperately. It had stayed for a while without a siding repair job. 

The owners engaged KVN's local siding contractor to restore it. Our team came quickly to do a thorough inspection, uncovering serious damages.


The siding had started deteriorating on one corner of the building, damaging a large part of the exterior wall. On the outside, the sheeting was falling apart and neglected. There was so much damage in this area that made the building look very poor.

The property owners made the best decision by hiring our team. The entire process was quite amazing, starting with this inspection and assessment. Our team followed every step in a timely manner to finish the entire project within a short period.

New Siding Installed

After gathering all the project details, the project manager engaged the entire team efficiently to restore this building. Our initial assessment included finding the best material for the new siding. We decided to settle on the James Hardie Artisan V-Groove siding because it's the best commercial building in this region. 

James Hardie products offer superior quality. Soon, the commercial building was shining with a clean, sleek look. The owners were very impressed and felt their property carried such glory that would attract business.

After installing the new painting, our paint crew was on standby to give the building a new face. The end result was an excellent commercial building with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Always consider their track record based on their portfolio when looking for the best siding contractor. KVN is among the few sliding companies with the highest experience and reliability level.

Residential Siding

We have shared a few photos of our many residential siding projects. As to can see, each project stands out from the rest because it has a unique story. For some, it was simple siding repair, while others required a more detailed approach.
The homeowners decided to contact reliable and professional siding contractors to restore their beloved houses. Each home project started with a thorough inspection, detecting all damages and dry rot. 

We then used James Hardie cement fiber board, which is the best Today. It's a durable siding that promises many years of service. We focus on giving our customers only the best quality products – which is why we recommend James Hardie products. They are low maintenance, high quality, and can last more than 30 years when installed properly. 

Our job does not end with replacing the damaged siding. Unlike other siding companies, we check other areas of the house to give you a perfect finish. We will also do new window installations to match the new siding.

Most Reliable Exterior Services

Did you know that poor siding may increase your energy bills? When the siding cannot hold heat due to damage, it forces it to spend more on air conditioning. 

KVN Construction has been voted the best home advisor because we don't just give advice; we offer solutions too. Hiring us to work on your Lake Oswego home means investing in your home. 

Once the new siding is installed, we will do any other task required to keep your house at the top. This includes window replacement, the paint job, and similar services. 

Here are other reasons why Lake Oswego homeowners trust us.

We are Timely

Our team is dedicated to working in a timely fashion so that you can start enjoying your new property as soon as possible. After restoring the siding and installing waterproof materials, we want you to feel some warm air in your home.

We are Efficient

The KVN Construction team is experienced in resolving various siding issues. We promise a stress-free service delivery method that will give you peace of mind. Our super exterior services use personalized approaches for every home project. That means your home will always stand out from the rest, no matter where you are.

We Use the Best Materials

Our team is very careful when choosing the material for every job. The best materials should have anti-fungal properties to keep your home safe for many years. It should also be fire-resistant. And this is why we only use James Hardie products, which have these features.

We Are Affordable

Finding a general contractor offering affordable yet quality siding services is difficult. And that is why we started KVN Construction, to give Lake Oswego residents a good choice. We don't exaggerate the prices or do unnecessary jobs just to get more money. You only pay what is written on the quote, and the quality of our services is never compromised.

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