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Top Roofing Contractors Gresham OR

Hiring the most competent roofing contractors in Gresham can save you time and money. The number of roofing companies in this region has been rising, making it a bit overwhelming for property owners to choose. But this should not be a big issue anymore.

KVN Construction is among Oregon's top three roofing companies for delivering top-notch roofing services. It’s easy to call and schedule your next roofing project. No job is too big or too small for our experienced roofers. Whether it’s a simple roof repair job or a detailed new roof installation, we have the team and the gear to deliver incredible work.

About Our Roofing Company

Our company has been in business for over 20 years now, delivering long-lasting roofs for Oregon homes. Oleg, our company founder, came to the USA in 1991. He did not know much of the region, let alone understand the local language. But through hard work and dedication, he joined the construction industry, where he got the skills and experience to open our Portland roofing company. And so, in 2001, KVN Construction was born. The company has been growing from strength to strength, serving both residential and commercial customers with their roofing needs.

Today, Kirill, the owner’s son, is the general manager, working with a team of highly experienced roofers. As a locally and family-owned business, we understand the roofing needs of the PNW region. We will install a roof that will last many years before you consider repairs.

Best Roofing Gresham OR, Company

If you are looking to install a new roof on your house in Gresham, call our team, and we promise to deliver a fantastic job. Our experience means we understand what it takes to complete a successful roof installation. We start by inspecting the project and choosing the best material suitable for your property.

We also offer roof cleaning services as part of our detailed roof maintenance. We will install new gutters, repair your roof ventilation and fix broken shingles just to give your home more like.

Gresham Roofing Project

It’s normal to receive inquiries and concerns about roofs here at KVN Construction. We live in the PNW region, where you cannot just do a roofing job without considering the local weather. There is constant rain during the wet months, followed by the scorching sun when summer hits.

Don’t worry if you are looking for a new roof. This is our specialty. We will put up a slanting or flat roof to meet your residential or commercial roofing needs.

These homeowners contacted after their roofs started showing signs of wear and tear. It has been beaten down by the weather and can no longer withstand repairs. This is not the first roof we have worked on in such a condition, so we knew it was going to be an exciting job.

Here is a breakdown of what we did:


As top experts in the roofing and construction industry, we never start a job without a detailed assessment. We did a thorough inspection and discovered the following issues:

Poor ventilation

Several roofs were not ventilated properly, which could have damaged the attic seriously. When air is trapped in the attic or crawl space, it can lead to humidity build-up, which causes mold and dry rot. Since heat rises, the attic gets the most hit.

Broken shingles

A few projects needed new roofs because the existing ones were beaten by age and harsh weather conditions. Some looked relatively new, but poor-quality material has been used, causing issues much faster than expected.

Addressing the issues

Our team was quick to address the issues in a timely manner. For the homes that needed ventilation, we gave the owner a fair price estimate and advised them to let us fix them as soon as possible, to which they agreed. It’s important to properly ventilate such a roof because ventilation accumulating on the inside can cause major issues that would impact the original framing of the house. Now that could be more costly. We resolved this issue quickly and started the renovation process. After offering a free estimate, the homeowners were comfortable with our competitive pricing and decided to let us continue.

The renovation

Since we are a locally operated company, we understand what it takes to deliver an excellent job. And that is just what we did by following these steps:

Step 1: Taking the measurements

We calculated to know how many vents we needed and how much material would fix the old roof. We then calculated how much it would cost to do quality work and complete it in a timely manner.

Step 2: Tearing off the old roof

We could not do much while the old roof was still intact. So, we tore off the old roofs, which was an easy job to pave well with the best quality materials.

Step 3: installing new material

Our hard-working crew has always relied on the latest technology to deliver the best roofs. For these homes, therefore, we installed Malarkey asphalt shingles. These are the best materials on the market, with a warranty of 30 years. We chose top-notch materials to replace each old roof to ensure the highest quality work.

Finishing up

Safe to say, we installed excellent roofing systems and addressed the attics efficiently, saving the homes from real damage. Each home looked amazing. The owners were satisfied with their newly renovated homes and were glad to leave those issues behind. Our team of installers has always been on top of the game. It’s our business to give your home a new look with repairs and new installations.

Our Professional Roofing Services

A home’s exterior carries its face. And that is why a good roof is needed. A KVN Construction, we are ready to handle all your roofing needs and give your home a new look. Our services include:

Free Consultation

Call or visit us in Gresham, Vancouver, anywhere along the SE Mount Hood Hwy, and any part of Oregon City. Our free consultation services help customers make a better decisions.

A commercial and residential roofing contractor

We have been serving both individuals and businesses with excellent roof installation services for many years. Contact roofers if you need commercial roofing services and schedule your next project. We will replace the wood shake/composite roof, install a flat roof, form or single play, install a metal roof or crown your property with Malarkey shingles.

Roof repairs and roof replacement

Has your roofed been affected by water damage, and you don’t know what to do? Or is it just too old, and you need a new one? Well, don’t worry since we specialize in such services.

Roof Inspection

Does the roof on your house or commercial property leak? Don’t let it get worse and put your residents or workers at risk. We will do detailed inspections and recommend the best way to handle them.

Why Choose Us for Gresham Roofing?

Excellent Customer Service

Communication is key to offering the best roofing services. We have established a comprehensive customer support system to ensure you are well covered in any area.


Do you want to roof or Gresham siding replacement services but don’t have enough cash? Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution for you. Unlike other companies, we only offer genuine services. We will not replace the whole roof if the one you have only needed a few repairs. We understand pricing is one the most significant issues for most of our customers – thus, we have made it easy for you.

We understand your roofing needs

Living in the PNW region, we know property owners face challenges with harsh weather conditions. Our expertise in handling such issues puts us at the top. We have dealt with this weather for the past 20+ years, which is why we recommend Malarkey shingles that last the longest.

Call us today and get a free estimate. We will then work on the best schedule to give your home a new look. Our team is ready for your next roofing project.