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Siding Contractors Gladstone OR

Do you live in Gladstone, OR? Then you understand how harsh the weather can get. During fall, winter, and spring, frequent rainfall and occasional freezing hailing can bring down trees. And when summer hits, the scorching sun can get unbearable.

As a homeowner, you want to keep such temperatures outside the house. This might sound easy, but it’s not when you have broken siding.

You may have installed a vinyl siding not long ago, but now you are facing dry rot and other similar issues. Or perhaps your wood siding can no longer support the pressure from the harsh weather conditions.

There is great news for you. KVN Construction offers the most comprehensive home improvement services for Oregon city homeowners.

Trusted Siding Gladstone, OR

As the most trusted siding contractors, we go beyond quality siding installation to offer roof repair and complete roof replacement services wherever necessary. Our goal is to give your home complete exterior remodeling.

We have been reviewed as the best siding contractors in Gladstone by a large number of our customers. This is mainly because we use the highest quality siding materials for every project. We don’t take any chances when it comes to customer satisfaction. It’s no wonder most of our customers are repeat referrals.

Your roof, windows, deck, and doors all form part of the home's exterior appeal. Even if you have the residing, but a door is broken somewhere, you won't feel comfortable. And that is why you need a trusted siding contractor with many years of experience in the business for a deep analysis of your home. Call us and get a free estimate as we plan for your next quality siding.

Top Siding Gladstone OR

What makes the most reliable exterior contractors? For us, there is more to it than just understanding how siding works. A company that offers the best siding services must know its customers’ specific needs according to the region.

And this is where KVN Construction siding experts have excelled. Our home improvement services start with a detailed inspection of the house to determine the best material and strategy to install the long-lasting siding.

Living in the PNW region can be quite demanding regarding home maintenance. It becomes even harder if you hire a siding contractor that does not understand this weather. It is not just about getting new siding installed but having a home that will stand the test of these harsh conditions.

We are local siding professionals with more than two decades of experience. We have learned a lot during this period, which is why we offer unique services for every siding project.

About KVN Construction

When choosing a siding contractor, it’s always advisable to consider the history and reputation of every service provider. KVN Construction has been transparent about its journey since it was launched.

Our founder, Oleg, has always been a hard worker. He came to the US in 1991 with nothing but a good understanding of the local language.

He joined the construction industry, where he received hands-on experience and skills that enabled him to start the Portland roofing company in 2001. KVN has since grown into an incredible construction company with a wonderful team.

Over 20 years of siding installation

Today, the company is managed by Oleg’s son, Kirill. The team operates on five core values: caring for the people, doing the right thing always, communication, organization, and systems.

At KVN Construction, we offer residential and commercial siding. Call us for deck replacement, siding repair, replacement of leaky windows, or a complete makeover of the whole house. We are here to help you live a happier life.

Siding Replacement in Gladstone

We have been rated the best siding contractors in Gladstone because we understand what it takes to improve your home’s curb appeal. Living in the PNW region, we understand that your home’s exterior takes the biggest hit when harsh weather conditions set in. Hence, we take every step and consider the smallest details to deliver a wonderful job.

Here is a homeowner who had had enough of the failing house and needed a new siding installation. The house had cedar lap siding that had started to tear and wear. So, he called in a repair and replacement service from local professionals at KVN construction.

​Here is what we did during this siding installation:


We always start with a thorough inspection of the siding. Our team wanted to do a fantastic job on this house that would make the owner happy. The cedar lap material is vulnerable to rot in the Pacific Northwest, where the rainy season never seems to end.

Never worry, though, since we specialize in these kinds of projects. Our team can share all the popular suggestions to help you choose a material that should go a long way.

This inspection revealed serious damage to the old siding, which was now beyond repair. Our crew went deeper to check every window, door, roof, and everything else that affected the integrity of this house. The inspection revealed the following:

Exteriors with Dry rot

There seemed to have been leaking when it rains. Hence, the trapped moisture led to the build to up of dry rot and mold. This is a serious problem for many homeowners.

Age of the siding materials

When a siding has been on for too long, it loses its strength and must be replaced. This was in the same status and needed a complete renovation.

Removing the old siding

We then tore off this old torn-out cedar siding. The entire process went on smoothly as the crew took great care not to affect other parts of the house. This is one of the most critical steps when it comes to delivering top-quality work.
The process involved:

  • A careful inspection of the foundation
  • Lifting off the old materials while ensuring other parts of the house are safe.
  • Disposing of the old material
  • Installing the new siding material

At KVN Construction, we are extremely careful with the material we use on Gladstone homes. We installed James Hardie fiber cement siding, which is the best on the market. The material is durable, affordable, and highly effective.
We always give our customers the best of the best. And that is why we recommend James Hardie products. The material is guaranteed to last with a non-prorated limited 30-year warranty. If installed correctly, this siding can give you the maximum number of years without any issues.


We could not finish the project without giving the house a coat of Sherwin-Williams paint. We can proudly say the customer was satisfied and happy. The home looks new and promises many years of an incredible exterior.

Best Siding Contractor - Our Service

Call us if you need the following services:

Cedar siding repair

Do you have a cedar siding that is showing signs of weakness? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. We are here to give your home a new touch and restore your siding. If you have a paint project and need an experienced team for it, we are the team you can trust.

Fiber cement siding

We highly recommend using James Hardie fiber cement siding. This is the material we use on many homes in Gladstone since it’s durable, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Stone/brick veneer siding repair

We do repairs for stone siding. With our maintenance services, you can give your home more years without worries about serious repairs.

Vinyl siding/ wood siding

We don’t do much vinyl siding. However, a good company should still understand how to deal with such materials. Call us if you need a vinyl siding repair job or a complete replacement.

Other home improvement services

Apart from siding, our crew will do any other exterior job to remodel your home completely. This includes:

  • Replacement windows and door resetting
  • Installing a new deck
  • Flooring services
  • Gutters repairs
  • Painting projects
  • Roofing and roof repair
  • Exteriors renovations

If your window or doors have an issue, our team will identify it and rectify it. This is how we have remained in business at the top of the market, as we take every project very seriously. We don’t just do quality work, but we complete the entire process within the shortest time.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for a great company in Gladstone to work on your house? Well, you have come to the right place. KVN Construction is a highly experienced company with more than 20 years of experience. Call us today for free estimates or inquiries on our popular services.

Apart from that, here are other reasons to trust us:


Whether you need siding for your new house or repairs for your current home, we are the team to hire. We promise an exceptional job regardless of project size. Even if you are in a different city, our team will come over and do the installation.

Timely service delivery

You just finished installing a new roof on your house, and you can wait to get in. But then you realize the siding does not match your set standards. Call our team, and we will work on your home efficiently. All contractors show up on time, carrying proper equipment and ready to work.

Great communication

Do you have a question or concern about the project? Or maybe you want to know the best materials for your next siding project. We have the best communication channel that will resolve all your issues. Call us for your next home renovation project and enjoy our extensive services. We consider more than just material costs to help you get the best siding.


We are a family-owned company located in Oregon City. Not many companies here can claim so, but we can. That means we care more about our customers and are ready to help them with their projects.

We will choose the best materials for your next siding project and work on your property at the most affordable price. Our services extend from Gladstone to Re Side and every part of Oregon City.


Without a great reputation, we would not have stayed on the market for over 20 years. Believe us – we have hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers from homeowners’ resources like Angi and Yelp. They all talk about how professional we are and how they cut costs and saved some money hiring local pros at KVN Construction.

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Do you have a property that needs siding repairs? Or do you have a home with a broken window or damaged doors?
Call your professional local exteriors renovation contractor, KVN Construction. Our team is more than ready and happy to give your house a new look, as the job will be completed in good time.