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Siding Contractor in Fairview OR

Are you looking for top siding contractors in Fairview offering professional services? You are right home. KVN Construction is a well-known roofing company that has been operating in Oregon City for over two decades. Hence, we understand your needs.

Call us for vinyl siding, wood siding, or any other siding task, and we will deliver at a fair price. Do not let that failing siding be the reason you cannot enjoy life anymore. We are here to restore your home to its former glory.

The Best Siding Fairview OR

Choosing the right siding contractor to work on your home is a worthy investment. You need to take your time and find a company that understands the siding needs of this region. Also, a trusted company should take you through the entire process before they even begin a new siding installation project. We are that team.

When you call us, you get free estimates for different siding tasks allowing you to choose the most convenient one. We believe great communication is key to establishing strong customer relationships. Hence, we have a highly effective customer care team that will answer all your questions and concerns.

All your services are competitively priced to give homeowners something worth their time and money. Apart from fair pricing, we use the highest quality materials to deliver excellent sidings. We have a license to install siding in this location and surrounding areas. Both businesses and homeowners trust our Portland roofing company.

A Siding Project in Fairview OR

This is a homeowner in Fairview OR was tired of beaten siding on their beautiful home. They wanted something better to restore the glory of their house. So, they contacted local pros at KVN construction. Our business started in Portland more than 20 years ago. We have been serving Oregon City for all this time, giving homeowners the perfect solutions for peaceful homes. This project was not so different from the many we have served through our north pacific exteriors services. Here is a breakdown of the entire process.

Initial contact

The customer care team at KVN Construction is always ready to help you get a new roof and new siding. Call us anytime and anywhere, and we will answer all your questions. This customer called us after going through verified reviews from other customers. A free estimate was issued to enable the customer to make more informed decisions.

Inspection - water damage issues

All our siding installations start with a thorough inspection. This helps us to make our schedule and get the best materials for the home. This project had the following issues:

Dry rot

It seemed to have suffered water drainage issues that led to dry rot built up. The customer had done some repairs on the house, but it was not enough.

A weak deck

This house needed a new deck because the existing one had so many issues. The contractor who installed it may have missed a few important steps.

Broken windows

We also realized the home needed several new windows since many were broken. This house had been in use, but too many issues and a lack of proper maintenance left it calling for help. Luckily, we were here to bring it back to life.

Tearing off the old siding

After inspection, our crew was ready to start working. We gathered all the necessary materials needed for this installation. Having been in business for more than 20 years, we understood perfectly what was needed. The old siding was beyond repair, and only a full replacement would save the house. Our team tore off the old, worn-out siding to prepare a new installation.

Installing a new siding

All our services come at the highest recommendation because we use top-notch materials for every project. We have done siding installation for businesses and homeowners in different cities of this country, each with recommended materials. So, this was a job we understood perfectly, and we could install the siding within a short period.

House wrap installation

We installed the special Hydro gap drainable house wrap that we have used in many other projects. This is currently the best-performing house wrap on the market. It effectively eliminates excess moisture that could be trapped behind the siding. It delivers an excellent protection service for your home.

New siding installed

Laying a proper siding foundation is crucial for all homes in the PNW location. It might rain all year, with unpredictably hot sunshine. Hence, a high-quality siding material is needed.

For this project, we installed the James Hardie cement fiber board. This siding is currently the most durable and affordable. Most importantly, it’s a material that has received a high rating based on its top-notch quality.

We want to ensure our customers only get the best of the best. And that is why we highly recommend using James Hardie products. The materials come from a reliable company known in the siding, roofing, and interior flooring markets.

Also, James Hardie products are very low maintenance and can last for over 30 years. But that depends on how they are installed.


We could not finish this project without applying a new coat of Sherwin-Williams paint. Our team did an incredible job of bringing this home to new standards, putting a smile on the owner.

Final check

Our crew checked the home’s patio, roof, and gutters to ensure they fit the new status of this house. We replaced everything that needed replacing and performed other installations, including some doors, to ensure the home was perfect. We felt proud that the customer was very happy.

Why the Best Siding Contractors

The company you hire to work on your home matters a lot. Always check the experience, license, and certificates of your contractor. KVN Construction ticks all the right boxes, making us a reliable service provider.

We are a locally owned company with a focus on serving our community. Also, we are honest about creating the perfect protection for your house. That is why we have a large network of referrals and repeat customers.

Even though the cost of some materials may be high, we serve our customers with the best advice on which ones to choose. We also consider the long-term benefits of the specific material, considering home exteriors take more of the hit when the extreme weather starts.

Call us today and schedule your next siding project. No matter your budget, we have a reasonable package that will fit it perfectly. Get free estimates for various siding installation options to help in your decisions.