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Siding Contractor in Donald OR

Finding the best siding contractors in Oregon city is crucial to the integrity of your home. And that is why KVN Construction is here. We promise an excellent job when you hire us.
Our team is highly trained to deliver the highest quality work. Whether it’s simple trim work, full siding replacement, or any other service, we are the best team to hire.

We have been offering siding Donald OR services for over 20 years now. That makes us the most experienced company in the city. Call us for a free estimate to compare with other bids.
KVN Construction promises the most affordable services without sacrificing quality. It’s our business to make Donald homeowners happy with their properties.

No job is too big or too small for our company. We promise exclusive customer service, delivering a unique touch on every project.

Siding Project in Donald OR

When choosing a siding contractor, always review customer reviews to ensure you make the right decision. We are your most trusted contractors because we have something to prove for your services.

Here is a homeowner in Donald, OR, who decided it was time to upgrade their homes with a new siding. So, they contacted the local pros at KVN Construction. Our business has operated in these areas for more than 20 years. We are located in Oregon city, which makes the whole process easy.

Our founder started the Portland construction company in 2000, where he was the main employee. Over the years, the company has grown, holding several employees to make the process more efficient.
Here is a breakdown of what we did with the project:

Contact and inspection

A thorough inspection is always an important part of our job. We understand the weather in the PNW cities can be a bit overwhelming for materials. Hence, a complete inspection will help us in the planning. Our team checks the wood, the fill, the painting, the windows, and everything else tied to the home.

We will detect any sign of mold and dry rot. Our team will review the deck and ensure the project moves without interruption.

The homeowner had received several offers from other companies located around the region, but KVN Construction stood out.


Our team will always do a brief research on the area before doing any work. We want to be aware of anything that can affect the integrity of your house.

For this task, we went on to tear off the old, worn-out T1-11 siding. It was starting to show signs of old age, and any simple repair job would not have helped. Our expertise in dealing with different siding materials helped us to address underlying issues like mold and dry rot.

Installing wrap

We then installed the special Hydro gap drainage wrap, which does a fantastic job in keeping drywall on your house. It’s the best on the market and does not cost too much.

The house wrap takes care of any excess moisture that could be trapped behind the siding. Your wall will never rot or grow mold again.

Installing the new siding

Hiring a professional and licensed siding contractor means investing in the best. At KVN Construction, we take the time to find the right material for every project.

For this task, we installed James Hardie cement fiber board. This is the most durable siding on the market, and it matched what other homeowners have used around.

We aim to give our customers the best of the best, which is why we recommend James Hardie products. They are low maintenance, high quality, and can give you more than 30 years if properly installed.

Finishing up

The last step includes giving the house a new coat of Sherwin Williams pain. This is another high-quality product that does not hold too much dust and looks great on your wall.

Our team was very thorough in following every detail of the project. We can proudly say our customer we very satisfied with a great looking house.

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Our company was established more than 20 years ago to offer high-quality construction services. We have since established a network that extends beyond Portland and Oregon. We have a license to operate in this region.

Hire us today and join our community. Call us to request a free estimate as we schedule your next home improvement project. We will do an amazing job from the beginning to completion, ensuring you get fair pricing without compromising the quality of your home.

Even if you just need advice on the best siding, our crew is more than ready. And if you have any issues with your current home, we will address them shortly after scheduling the project.