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Many homeowners want the best maintenance team in Oregon City and the surrounding areas to work on their siding. And that is where KVN Construction comes in strong. We are the most trusted siding contractors in Cornelius, Oregon. Our more than 20 years in siding installation make us the best contractors to call.
We will choose and install the best siding materials to give your home many years of stability. We understand that good home siding improves the curb appeal of your home. This makes it great when you want to sell and gives you a peaceful living space.

Most Trusted Siding Cornelius Oregon Contractor

It takes a lot to successfully install vinyl siding or any other material. The team should be well-equipped and experienced in handling different types of siding.

At KVN Construction, we believe in achieving 100% customer satisfaction. So, we are the best team to hire whether you want wood siding, cedar siding, or James Hardie Siding. We will do everything to install new materials or handle your siding repair project with the uttermost professionalism.

Apart from that, we also do window replacement, door replacement, and similar services that bring out the best in your siding. Having great siding repair work with bad-looking doors and windows would not make sense. We aim to restore than integrity and beauty of your home until you have everything you ever need from home.

Call us today and have your siding in Cornelius handled by a professional team. A new siding is a substantial investment that you should not just allow anyone to make. KVN Construction is known across borders, from Oregon to Columbia city to Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding areas. Our company remains the top company for all home restoration projects.

Siding in Cornelius, OR

If you have been staying in Cornelius for a long time, you must have noticed that most homes are installed with James Hardie fiber-cement siding. One of the main reasons is that the PNW region experiences a lot of rain. So, when you get your siding installed, it’s important to ensure the material can handle such conditions.

It’s extremely important to choose high-quality siding material when you are installing new or doing repair work. We have met so many homeowners who contract incompetent contractors and ended up regretting it. You need to find a siding installer that knows what they are doing.

Different weathers – rain, hail, or sun- can significantly affect your home’s integrity. But when the contractor knows what they are doing, you will never have to worry about such things. You can sleep peacefully in your house, knowing you are well covered.

It’s a good thing we specialize in that. Our company has been serving different areas of Oregon City, including Cornelius, Portland, and Forest Groove, for close to two decades.

Why Choose Your Siding Installation Project and Siding Replacement?

As stated above, successful home siding installation takes more than just finding the right material. It requires someone who knows how to use the said material well, giving your house a clean state. Your siding option will determine how many years you will enjoy staying in a good-looking home.

This starts by choosing the right siding contractor. And we are the best because of the following reasons.


KVN Construction has been offering roofing and siding services in Oregon for more than 20 years. Most homeowners will mention our name when you talk about the most experienced siding contractor. It’s no wonder that we mostly have referral and repeat customers on our list.

We choose the best materials

When choosing the right material for your home, we consider factors like energy efficiency, durability, and affordability. James Hardie products lead this market as the most trusted home construction materials. We will recommend what to choose appropriately based on your budget and needs.

Our team is more than ready to repair your siding and give it a brand-new look. You can get more than 30 years from a good siding material.

Zero claims

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality siding services for over two decades with zero claims. That means we take our time to plan the job properly so that the end results are satisfying. The last thing we want is our customer dealing with damaged materials only after a few months of installing the sidings.

We are professionals

We are the right team for your home. Our company specializes in a wide range of siding options; we give our clients an opportunity to choose. We want to give you a siding you can look at and feel proud that you made the right decision.

And that is why we don’t just hire anyone to join our team. Our team is highly trained and experienced in different home remodeling services, giving your home the most befitting look.

We are affordable

As your local pros, we understand the high cost a home maintenance project can carry. Installing a new siding, painting it, repairing leaking windows and doors, changing the wood, and doing other jobs could stretch you financially. And yet they are necessary.

Luckily, our services come at a fair price. We will carefully consider your budget and needs before doing the job. It’s our business to make your home look good, no matter what. So, call us for a free estimate today, and let us see what we can do.

Our Services

We offer the following:

Siding replacement and repair

If you need your siding replaced or repaired, KVN Construction is here for you.

Siding installation

Do you want a new siding installed in your house? You have come to the right place. We will carefully choose the best material for a siding that will last many years.

Dry rot/mold remediation

Water damage can cause dry rot and mold issues in your house. We will do a thorough inspection and take care of these issues before they become big problems.

Siding inspection

Do you suspect your home siding has an issue? Call our home remodeling service for a thorough inspection. With our maintenance services, we will inspect the paint, wood, and everything else that makes your siding stand.

Other services

Our team will check everything connected to the wall of your house to ensure it’s all in good order. We will do:

Deck repair

If your deck has an issue, our team will not look aside. We will try our best to get it done.

Windows and door

The siding often affects the doors and windows. If there are any broken parts that may require replacement, count on us to get it done.

Energy efficiency

We will do it if any part of your house requires a new painting. We will also make your house more energy efficient using specialized materials.

Call Our Team to Install Siding on Your House

Your home in Oregon city deserves the best appearance. And that is why choosing the right team for the job is important. We offer siding repair in all the OR areas, including Forest Grove, offering various siding options.

Call us today for free estimates, and we will give your home a new look. Our team will get it done whether it’s brick, wood, cement, or vinyl siding.