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Bringing a Fresh Look To Clackamas With New Home Siding

Sitting about ten miles Southeast of Portland Oregon lies the suburb Clackamas, home to about 7,000 residents. This place is also home to the siding renovation project we will be highlighting on this page. The siding we were contracted to renovate had obvious signs of wear and tear. The front of the home had outdated fiber cement that was in bad need of an upgrade, with the old T1-11 siding lining other exterior walls not fairing much better.

After consulting the homeowner, we decided the best option for this renovation would be to replace the old siding with brand new James Hardie Siding. To add extra curb appeal, we threw in accents of Hardie Shake, repainted the house with Sherman Williams Super Paint, and replaced the roof with Midnight Black Malarkey Vista AR architectural composite shingles. At the end of the project, not only does the home look brand new, but the high-quality materials will keep it looking that way for years to come.

Your friendly, neighborhood Siding Contractor in Clackamas

We are a family-owned business serving the Clackamas community, as well as the greater Portland Area. Having worked in the area since 2001, we like to consider ourselves members of the community and knowledgeable about the pacific NW. When you hire us to work on your home, we’ll be sure to advise you on popular trends, while still working with you on your personal aesthetic and preferences.

One of the homes in Clackamas before the new siding and roofing installation

 Home in Clackamas before new Malarkey Roof, and James Hardie Siding

Home in Clackamas with new Malarkey Roof, and James Hardie Siding

How much does new James Hardie Siding like the project above cost in Clackamas?

This siding not only looks good, but it is extremely popular as well. As the most popular brand of siding in America, Hardy Plank Lap Siding comes in six different finishes. Additionally, you can purchase this siding in a whole spectrum of colors, allowing for a highly customized finish. While the cost of replacing the siding of a home can vary based on home size and siding finish, the average 1,500 square foot household can expect to spend between $12,000 and $18,000 on new James Hardie Siding in Clackamas which is dependent on the age of the house and other factors.

Cost of siding repair in Clackamas

The cost of Clackamas siding repair can vary drastically depending on what material the siding is made of and how extensive the damage is. For example, 200 square feet of Vinyl siding can cost between $400 and $800. Damage from an intense hail storm will cost more to fix than accidentally kicking a rock up at the siding. As soon as these repair costs start to eclipse the cost of new siding, it’s time to rethink a replacement. At KVN Construction, we are committed to excellence in roofing installation, replacement, and repair, as reflected in hundreds of 5-star reviews and our track record of zero claims.

Best Reviewed Roof Contractors in Clackamas

As far as well-reviewed siding companies go, we boost a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. Customers praise us for our honesty, reasonable pricing, and efficiency. While there are other siding contractors in the area, we are confident that if you take a few moments to read our reviews and see our work, you’ll feel confident about working with us. Feel free to contact KVN Construction for your free quote.

Best styles and colors of James Hardie Siding for homes in Clackamas

As with many suburban communities, the optimal color for new siding projects is going to be a neutral color or earth-toned. If you are looking for something really sophisticated, going with a white or gray exterior would be a good choice. Earth tones add a little bit of a personal touch to the design. As James Hardie boasts a wide selection of colors, you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits your project. 

Free Siding Quote for Clackamas homeowners

Here at KVN Construction, we are all about transparency. Being upfront about our pricing not only allows you to budget but helps us to come to an agreement before the project begins. For this reason, if you are thinking about replacing or repairing the siding on your home, we’d like to invite you to obtain a free quote for your project. While you wait, take a look at some of our finished projects. With our proven track record of community involvement, fair prices, and efficient installation we are without a doubt the right choice to help get the ball rolling.

As you prepare to select a construction company to work with, we hope that the information provided above and throughout our website not only clarifies some topics but also puts us in the running to help bring your siding visions to life.