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Roofing Camas WA

When it comes to choosing the best roofing services, experience, trust, and reliability are the most important factors to consider. And that is what makes KVN construction your ultimate roofing contractors in Camas, WA. We are keen on choosing the best roofing material for every project tasked to us.

We have been offering roofing services in Camas, Washington, for more than 20 years. We are a local company in PWN, where rainy seasons are rampant, requiring the best roofing services.

Call us today to work on your roof. Whether it’s commercial roofing or residential roofing, we have the team and the tools to do an amazing job. We will repair or replace your existing roof within a short time, giving your home a new look.
As the most trusted roofing company in Battle Ground, Camas, and Vancouver, WA, we are dedicated to delivering 100% customer satisfaction through high-quality workmanship. The more than two decades we have worked on Camas homes makes us the most experienced roofing company on the market.

Best Roofing Company Camas WA

Hire us for your next roofing project in Camas and put your worries to rest. We have successfully completed several roofing projects, with a personal touch on each.

At KVN Construction, we get so many inquiries and concerns about roofing. We live in the PNW, where constant rains are an issue.

Don’t worry, though; that is our specialty. We will check the entire roof and install a new one or repair the existing roof. It’s our business to meet all your roofing needs, giving your house the best appearance and performance possible.

Roofing Project in Camas, WA

Here is one homeowner who contacted us for a roof replacement after the existing one was weathered down from the sun and rain. They wanted a new roof from a professional roofing company to work on their project.

Our team was quick to react and got to work immediately. Here is a breakdown of what we did.

The first step was to assess the situation and notice the roof lacked proper ventilation, which caused serious damage to the attic. Trapped air inside the attic or crawl space may cause humidity, which causes mold and dry rot. When the temperature rises, the attic usually takes the most heat.

Apart from the ventilation, the entire roof had issues from a lack of proper roof maintenance. There was a need to do a thorough check and ensure every aspect of the roof was in order.

Fixing the ventilation
The home required proper ventilation to fix the moisture build-up problem. We wanted to ensure condensation does not accumulate on the inside of the house, causing significant issues and messing with the original framing of the house.

Our team quickly addressed this problem and started the roof repair job. We measured and calculated the number of vents needed for this home and did the necessary fixing.

Replacing the roof
After addressing the ventilation, our team went on to tear off the old roof and installed Malarkey asphalt shingles, which come with a limited warranty of 30 years. The new shingles and our quality workmanship resulted in an amazing outcome.

We can proudly say the roof and attic we fixed before any real damaged fell on this beautiful home. The roofing work looked amazing, and the homeowner was satisfied. The customer was extremely happy with the newly renovated roof and was glad to leave attic concerns behind.

When To Get a New Roof
Without roof maintenance services, it can be hard to tell when it’s time to get a new roof. Some homeowners wait until it’s too late.
You can look out for common issues if you don’t want to pay for maintenance. Consider the following:

Roof Leaks
If you see water stains on your house siding, under the roof, on the ceiling, or on the attic, it means you have a leaking roof. This is most noticeable after heavy rains over several years. Contact our team for free estimates, and we will make it work.

Missing or Damaged Shingles
Damaged shingles are extremely easy to notice. They will be different from other shingles and probably lead to leakages. Our roof repair services can help you determine the extent and give you a new roof.

You will notice mold in the attic of a house that lacks proper ventilation. This might not seem like a roofing issue, but mold shows a problem in the structural integrity of your home.

Lack of Sufficient Roofing Felt
The best roof must be waterproof and not water-shedding. Unfortunately, most roofs in our Vancouver service area are water-shedding because of using a standard synthetic underlayment.

We will pick a general manager to inspect your roof and highlight all the repairs needed. Our roofers are familiar with different roofing materials and will bring your house to its best status.

Why Hire Us

KVN Construction has been offering roof installation and roof replacement services for over 20 years. Hence, we understand your roofing needs and will give you the best results.

We Are Professional Roofing Camas WA Company

Professionalism has always been at the heart of our services. Our team follows a strict process, from assessment to repair to finish.

We Are a Family-owned Business
As a locally owned company, we understand the roofing needs of our service area. Also, we offer personal roofing services with a unique touch.

We Are Affordable
Pricing is another important factor when choosing a roofing service. At KVN Construction, we understand the cost of such repairs can be overwhelming. We offer services at the most affordable price. We also offer free estimates when our customers call us for inquiries.

We clean
Apart from roof repairs, we will also do the gutters and anything else that concerns the integrity of your home. We will replace the old shingles, clean the gutters, and then leave the working area sparkling clean.

What are you waiting for? Call us now and get your free estimate. Our team will give your home a new touch that will set you aside from your neighbors.