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Roofing Contractors in Beavercreek OR

A new roof increases the curb appeal of your home. And that is why you need to get your old roof replaced when it begins to show signs of weakness.
Hiring the best roofing contractors in Beavercreek, OR, is crucial. Consider the number of roofing services in this market and thoroughly investigate their experience.
KVN Construction has been serving Oregon city for more than two decades. We are the most trusted roofing professionals with a keen eye on excellent customer service.
Call us for roof repair or roof installation and get free consultation services. We have become the top-ranking company in roof repairs and installation because we only use high-quality roofing material for every project.

Roofing Project in Beavercreek OR

The existing roof on this house was starting to lose its integrity. The homeowner needed a roofing contractor who understood the importance of choosing the best material. And so they hired KVN Construction.
We did a fantastic job installing a new roof on the house with our excellent roof replacement services. We managed to put a new smile on the faces of our clients.
The job was very simple, following these steps:

Roof Inspection
As the top roofing contractors in Oregon city, every home project begins with a thorough inspection of the old roof. This gives an overview of what is needed, whether to replace the roof or just do a few repairs. This is one of the reasons we have always remained in good standing with our customers.
The inspection revealed that this roof needed a complete makeover. It had serious moisture issues that had caused dry rot. Our team took all the details before embarking on the task.

Installation of the new roof
The process of replacing the roof was very simple. We covered the ground to ensure the homeowners received the services they expected and much more.
We installed new Malarkey asphalt shingles, which made the home stand out strong. This was a great home improvement project that gave the owner an improved appearance of their precious home.
We completed the job by checking other roof areas, including the gutters. Our team never leaves until every aspect of the home is covered, and the customer is happy.

Why this home needed a new roof
Many homeowners never notice the updated look of their new homes. However, a new roof increases the home’s curb appeal.
Apart from that, it reduces the burden of leaks or damaged roofs. Your homes stand out in the neighborhood.
Call us today and schedule your new roof installation if that sounds like something you want. You will get a free consultation and free quotes when you call our company.

Why Choose KVN for Roofing Beavercreek OR

There are many home improvement businesses on the market today. As much as that seems great, it can be overwhelming to know the right one. Luckily, there are certain factors to can consider.

Here are the reasons KVN Construction stands out:

We Are Experienced
Our founder, Oleg, came to the US in the early 90s without money or any knowledge of the English language. Through hard work in the construction industry, he gained enough knowledge to start the Portland construction company at the start of the century.
That means KVN Construction has been on the market for the past two decades. Our experience goes beyond what every customer will expect.
Check out the verified reviews on our website and get a clear picture of why we are the best. It’s no wonder most of our customers are repeat referrals.

Locally Owned
Working with a professional and local roofing contractor means you get trustworthy services. We understand the roofing needs in Beavercreek, both for homes and businesses.
Our company is family-owned, with Kirill, Oleg’s son, as the General Manager. We build both commercial and residential roofs with leak free guarantee.

We are Professional
Our team takes time to understand every task before they start work. We will do a thorough inspection and then choose only the best material. We want to give you a perfectly finished product with a long life guarantee.
Professionalism is one of the pillars that hold our services. We will give your house a new look within the set timeframe, allowing you to go about your business as soon as possible.

We Are Affordable
It’s good to compare quotes from other services. You will discover that KVN Construction has the best offers with the highest quality products.
Our prices include a free estimate of the project and free consultation. You pay only what is written on the quote, with no hidden charges.

We Use Highest Quality Materials
Every roofing project is important to us. Whether you just want part of the roof repaired or to replace the entire roof, we have the team and the equipment for the job.
Hire us, and you can be sure of getting the best material for your home. We are ready to transform your home or business into something new and amazing.

Our Services
KVN Construction stands as the most trusted roofer, offering the following services:

Roof Replacement
If repairs don’t cut it anymore on your roof, we will give it a complete makeover. We have a team ready to give you new shingle roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and much more. This will extend to the siding, wherever necessary, to give your home a uniform look.

Roof Repairs
Our team will do a thorough inspection of the roof to determine what repair job is needed. We will not ask you to replace the roof when you only need a few tweaks.

Gutter Installation
KVN Construction has always received a rating based on the services offered. Gutters are a crucial aspect of the roof and general performance of your home. Schedule your own your next home project with us, and we will ensure you get the best. We will install new gutters and give your home a new look.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance Contractor
Call us when you need a roof inspection. This will help you determine the integrity of your roof and ensure its safety. We also do maintenance to give you maximum roof life.

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Get in touch with our team today, and let’s start working on that roof. We are more than ready to give your home a new look.