Who Installs Siding Near Me?

Are you a homeowner in Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver, Washington? Do you need reliable siding contractors in Portland who can install James Hardie siding on your house?

Choose James Hardie fiber cement to protect and beautify your family’s home. Nothing else comes close in terms of performance, durability, warranty, and range of colors. When considered over its lifespan, it comes as the best buy.

Siding Companies in Portland

When looking for a contractor, several things should be non-negotiables.

Licensed and Insured

Every reputable exterior contractor should be licensed, bonded, and insured against injury to your family, your property, or their workers.


We understand that companies have to start somewhere. But homeowners would do best to choose an experienced contractor who understands local conditions. Siding companies in Portland should know how to protect your home against the changeable weather of the Pacific Northwest.

Fiber cement is far superior to most other materials, being durable, pest-resistant, and non-combustible. It will protect your home against moisture and the elements for decades while adding value to your house.

Choose siding contractors in Portland who are recommended installers of the world’s leading fiber cement siding brand – James Hardie.

Value for Money

Selecting a contractor based on price alone is not a good idea. An underpriced job could become a costly mess.

Choose a contractor whose prices versus their record indicate value for money. Insist on a written quote and contract so you don’t find yourself stuck with subpar work or hit with surprise surcharges.


Reputable siding contractors in Portland will offer warranties on their workmanship and only install top-notch materials from reputable manufacturers with excellent warranties.

James Hardie Siding Installers

Even though James Hardie is the best fiber cement option on the market, it won’t deliver the benefits it ought to if improperly installed. Incorrect nailing, insufficient clearance, and failing to cut the boards with the appropriate saw will all result in underperforming siding.

As a result, although James Hardie products come with a 30-year non-prorated limited warranty, this is void and will not be honored if the product has been installed incorrectly.

James Hardie Recommended Siding Companies in Portland

Understandably, James Harding wants to look after their customers and their reputation. For this reason, they have instituted their Contractor Alliance Program, which checks various metrics of professionalism and performance before recommending a particular siding contractor.

To be recommended James Hardie siding installers, contractors must show that they are legitimate businesses displaying professionalism in sales, satisfactory reports from a minimum of six past clients, and a good credit report.

They must be legally compliant, with state licenses for all jurisdictions where they operate, liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence, and worker’s compensation insurance where legally required. Finally, they must comply with the installation best practices expected of James Hardie siding installers.

To ensure that preferred contractors continue to deliver value to clients, every project installed by such a contractor is evaluated by third-party customer satisfaction surveyors GuildQuality.

Siding Contractors in Portland

Investing in your home’s exterior boosts its longevity and curb appeal. Choose a contractor who practices excellence and is a preferred installer for industry leader James Hardie.

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