3 Tips on Saving Money On A New Roof in Portland, OR

Are Siding Prices Going Up?

Siding companies in Portland bring an urgent message about material prices. If you’ve noticed an uptick, it’s not just your imagination. This can make it frightening for those in need of repairs and replacements.

But we also have good news! There is another solution we’ll introduce to you, and it’s James Hardie siding.

This material costs far less than other materials in more than one way, and we’ll show you why in detail.

The Situation 

Over the past couple of years, siding contractors in Portland have observed a dramatic and ongoing price increase – by as much as ten percent in some cases.

To make matters worse, siding prices usually do not go back down once they have increased. If you’ve been hesitant about getting new siding under these circumstances, it’s completely understandable.

How James Hardie Siding Installers Can Help 

This puts you in a no-win situation. Despite your financial concerns, putting off replacements can be extremely dangerous if your structure is compromised.

That’s why siding companies in Portland are unanimously recommending one particular material: James Hardie.

This is where we get to the main point of today’s discussion. Here’s a list detailing how these top-quality exterior panels could put money back into your pocket.

1. Reasonable Price 

We’ll start with the most obvious point. James Hardie materials come at quite an affordable price. Most of the time, you’ll be spending around $10 per foot.

Compare that to the price of other materials, which can cost as much as $35 per foot.

2. Durable 

The less often you need to call siding contractors in Portland for replacements, the less money you’ll have to spend.

While many brands offer 10 to 20 years of lifespan upon installation, James Hardie can last as long as 50 years if given proper care. This means you could never need another replacement as long as you stay in your house.

3. Long-lasting

In addition to lasting almost three times the normal lifespan, James Hardie is also built to withstand outside elements, from weather conditions to fire hazards to insects and other parasites. This is due to additional protective coverings placed on the material and the fact that the material was designed to be unappealing to pests.

Thanks to its built-in resistance to almost any type of accident or outside interference, your appointments with a siding contractor will be few and far between, cutting your expenses down significantly.

4. Low Maintenance 

If you have to constantly call siding contractors for maintenance, you’ll find your money being spent faster than you can bring it in. With this material, you won’t have to deal with such an issue.

Top-tier fiber cement is a remarkably self-sufficient material. You’ll likely find you only need to call siding contractors in Portland once a year. This, combined with everything mentioned above, makes for an untold amount of money back in your pocket.

James Hardie Siding Installers Can Do Wonders For You 

In times when every aspect of living costs more than it used to, James Hardie siding contractors are here to give you a break. You’ll spend less on the initial installation and still have all of the perks of buying a more expensive brand.

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