What Does a Worn-Out Roof Look Like?

One of the main concerns that roofers in Portland hear from their clients is that they don’t know how to tell when it’s time to get a new roof. No roof lasts forever, and it’s important for homeowners to know when it’s time to call their local roof installers for a replacement.

A roof that is beyond its lifespan, severely damaged, or structurally unsound can put your home at risk. When you’re familiar with the telltale signs of a roof that is past its prime, you’ll be better equipped to take action to protect your property.

Here are some of the most significant indicators that real Portland roofers look for when determining if a roofing structure should be replaced.

Advanced Age

Even the best roof installers in the business can’t build a Portland roofing structure that will last forever. Most shingle roofs have a maximum lifespan of twenty years. So if it’s been more than two decades since the original structure was installed, it’s time to call your local Portland roofers for a replacement.

However, there are many conditions that could cause the roofing materials to deteriorate faster, such as moisture and poor ventilation. So, even if your roof isn’t twenty years old yet, you should still have it inspected by a Portland roofing contractor to be sure that it is structurally sound.

Visible Shingle Deterioration

Your shingles are your home’s main defense against unwanted moisture and inclement weather, so it’s important to be able to recognize when they need to be replaced. There are several signs that Portland roofing experts look for when evaluating asphalt shingles.

Excessive moisture and evaporation can cause shingles to crack or buckle. If you notice that your shingles are curling at the edges or have visible cracks, it’s time to call a Portland roofing contractor for help.

Algae and Moss

Moisture can also cause certain unwanted plants to grow on your roof. Dark streaks running down the structure may indicate the presence of algae. This does not present a safety issue, but roofers in Portland can help you resolve this aesthetic dilemma nonetheless.

Moss, however, can negatively affect the integrity of your roof by damaging the shingles. It is also tricky to remove, so if your roof is plagued with unwanted moss, be sure to call a trusted team of roofers in Portland for assistance.

Bald Spots

Bald spots on your shingles are a very clear indicator that it’s time for your roofing structure to be replaced.

These appear when the asphalt granules on the shingles are gradually worn away by the elements. Balding shingles are significantly less effective at keeping out moisture.

Your Local Portland Roofing Contractor Can Help

If your Portland roofing structure is displaying any of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to take action – the sooner, the better.

Get in touch with your trusted Portland roofers as soon as possible to get a quote for a new roof. Our experienced team of roof installers is always available to assist with your needs.

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